September 2017.

Reminders are now being sent out about renewing subs.

The easiest way to pay is at a Pay Point, the nearest Pay point to the Club is at Asda, all you need to do is to take the letter they have sent you, present it at the counter (the one that does the lottery and cigarettes), they will scan the letter, pay the £17.00, it must be cash, they will give you a receipt, easy – done.

Once your new card arrives you will need the Club Sticker these can be got from the Doorman or the Club Secretary, £3.00 unless you are a Life Member. Remember the £3.00 goes to the club and not to Pall Mall.



Some new members have been getting letters from R B L Membership saying that they owe £3.00, they don’t. For some reason, best known to them, they have started to add an administration fee to new members. We have never charged an administration fee and are in the proses of having this fee removed from their data base. This may take time as wheels move very slowly at R B L Membership. We can only apologise for this error on their part but we will sort it out eventually.

D Rousell

Membership Secretary



Slowly, very slowly, we are starting to sort out the membership problems. However there are some outstanding problems. If any member has still not got his/her 2017 membership card please see the Secretary, so we can attempt to sort it out.



The company organizing and running membership still do not seem to have got their act together yet. Cheques are not being cashed are going missing/lost, some cards are sent out within a couple of days, some within a couple of weeks and some not at all. This is causing anger and frustration to members, the Committee and the Doorman. We are sorry for the problems and inconvenience but they are due to circumstance mostly beyond our control.

If any member is still having problems please see the Secretary to make sure at least we have the right details.



By now all members should have had their letter regarding renewal of their membership. If you have not received this letter please ring 0808 802 8080 (free phone) and check if you are on their data base, if you are you can probably sort out the problem with them, if not please contact the Club Secretary.



Membership renewal forms are now being sent out to members.

This year they have changed the system (again).

This year they are only collecting the Legion fee, £17.00

Various methods of paying are available, including paying at the Club.

If you are paying at the Club you must have the letter sent to you because the bar code on the letter is unique to you.

The Club fee (£3.00) will be due for payment once you receive your 2017 membership card.

Your new card will be sent to your home address.

To pay the Club fee and get the Club sticker see either the Doorman or the Club Secretary.

Note the £3.00 is the only money the Club receives none of the £17.00 Legion fee comes to the Club.


Important News

Membership renewals

If you joined as a new member from 1 April 2015 onwards, your membership will be due for renewal each year on the date you joined. If you joined before 1 April 2015, you will renew on 1 October 2016.


From 1 October 2016, the membership fee will be £17. Some branches charge an additional branch subscription fee on top; this will be printed on your renewal notification. There will be no further changes to branch subscriptions for the rest of the financial year 2016-2017.


Card fulfilment

When your payment is cleared, it should take up to 10 working days for you to receive your card. Direct Debit is the easiest way to pay for your membership as this will go through automatically on Monday 3 October. Due to reasons beyond our control, paying cash in branch takes longer to process and as a result, there may be a delay in sending out your membership card. To avoid this, pay by Direct Debit or use Paypoint if you prefer to pay in cash and your payment will be processed more quickly.


Please note that Club fees are no longer processed centrally as part of your membership fee. They will collected by your Club, as agreed by the Membership Council.        

Any one wishing to join the club click on the icon below for a membership application form,simply fill it in and drop it into the club.

Membership Application