Chapeltown R B L Club News

   February 2019

Racing into February and may I start with an apology for January’s newsletter. The literary offering was published prematurely ( An unfinished symphony ) and it had also been subjected to the Chapeltown Royal British Legions unique spelling and grammar filter which, if no mistakes are found, automatically inserts some, and on this occasion excelled itself. A completed version will be published separately in the very near future.

I’d like to thank everyone involved and all who attended our very first Northern Soul event. Although I wasn’t there due to prior arrangements, the feedback I have received has been great. I know mistakes were made, under-estimating the popularity and under staffing mainly but as the first of its kind, it was a huge success. I know it’s not every ones cup of tea but we need to try these thing to keep the club profitable. A big thanks to Dave and Paige and all who helped out on the night.

Can I remind all who have their names down for the Gin & Fizz event that all monies need to be in by the weekend of 15th & 16th February, this event has proved so popular that there is a reserve list for it. Any place not paid for at that time could be offered to the reserves.

Plans are already under way for this years Leegefest and already we have some exciting news which will be announced shortly. The date for your diaries this year is Saturday July 27th and it looks like being another cracking day of fun. You can keep up to date by following us on Twitter & Facebook.

Valentine’s Day


Valentine’s Day, also called Saint Valentine’s Day or the Feast of Saint Valentine, is celebrated annually on February 14th.

Originating as a Western Christian feast day honouring one or two early saints named Valentinus.

Valentine’s Day is recognized as a significant cultural, religious, and commercial of romance and romantic love in many regions of the world, although it is not a public holiday in any country.

Martyrdom stories associated with various Valentines connected to February 14 are presented in martyrologies, including a written account of Saint Valentine of Rome imprisonment for performing weddings for soldiers, who were forbidden to marry and for ministering to Christians persecuted under the Roman Empire. According to legend, during his imprisonment Saint Valentine restored the sight to the blind daughter of his judge, and before his execution he wrote her a letter signed “Yours Valentine” as a farewell.

The day first became associated with romantic love within the circles of Geoffrey Chaucer in the early 14th century, when the tradition of courtly love flourished. In the 18th century England, it evolved into an occasion in which lovers expressed their love for each other by presenting flowers, offering confectionery, and sending greeting cards. Since the 19th century, handwritten valentines have given way to mass-produced cards.


The Paradox of our Age


We have bigger house but smaller families,

More conveniences, but less time;

We have more degrees, but less sense;

More knowledge, but less judgement;

More experts, but more problems;

More medicines, but less healthiness;

We’ve been all the way to the moon and back,

But have trouble crossing the street to meet the new neighbour

We build more computers to hold more information to produce more copies than ever,

But have less communication;

We have become long on quantity,

But short on quality;

These are times of fast foods, but slow digestion;

Tall men but short characters;

Steep profits but shallow relationships;

It’s a time when there is much in the window, but nothing in the room.


His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama


“Hello! Is that the police station?”


“Have any lunatics escaped near here recently?”

“Not that I know of sir.”


“Why do you ask?”

“Someone’s run of with my wife,”


Staff Night Out


On Tuesday 15th January the staff had a night for a belated Christmas celebration.

This year the weather played ball, last year’s was severely disrupted due to snow.

All enjoyed the night and are extremely grateful to all members who put money in the collecting boxes on the bar for the staff’s night out.

Thanks must also go to John Hindmarch and Shaun Laister who manned the bar for the night. They were doing all right until the “Staff” arrived back and some of the orders got complicated, still the managed.


Membership Applications


Recently a membership application was removed from the notice board and destroyed.

Members are reminded that if they have any objections to any prospective new member they should see the secretary or any committee member and state what their objections are. These objections will be discussed at the next meeting of the Management Committee and if found to be valid that prospective member will be informed in righting of the committees decision that his/her application has been rejected, with no reasons given.


Burns Night


Burns Night (25th January) was celebrated with the traditional neaps, taties and haggis, thanks to the Branch President Tony Roebuck (the one on the right in the photograph). The other two in the photo are Mad Jock McSporran and Emily (Bar Staff).

Senior Moments


It was a very busy New Year’s Eve at the New House Hotel in Wales, and the chef Albert Grabham chose the safest place he could think of to temporarily put the restaurant’s cash and charge slips: the oven. Who would look there? Apparently-not even Grabham. The next morning in preparation for New Year’s lunch, he lit the oven with the money still inside.

Picture from the Archives


Photo taken 12th February 2005 during the auction in aid of “Breast Cancer” on the night £710.46 was raised.

The men wore decorated bras donated by wives, partners, girlfriends etc. although it is rumoured that some wore their own.

News from the Bar


Some new beers and some old favourite’s to look forward to in February.

Cashmere I P A                                 5.0%ABV

Exodus                                               4.9%ABV

Atomic Blonde                                  4.3%ABV

Winter Pale Ale                                4.5%ABV

*Belgian Blue                                   4.9%ABV

Keep an eye on the bar for when they become available.

*Note we are now down to the last barrel of Belgian Blue, no more until November.

Latest Plaque


The latest plaque to add to our growing collection is Women’ Royal Army Corps donated by Dine Winters and Linda Lee both of whom served in the W R A C.

Christmas Raffle

There are still a number of prizes from the Christmas Raffle that have not been claimed yet.

So check your pockets handbags etc. as any prize left unclaimed by 28th February will be disposed of by the committee as they see fit.


It is with regret that during the month of January we lost the following members: –

Mr L Long

Mrs V Lunn

We will remember them.


January 2019 

I would like to wish you all a very happy New Year

2018’s been and gone but The Legion Clubs still here

Unlike many others, who’ve fallen by the way

The Legion is still thriving, and that’s the way we’ll stay

But it doesn’t happen over night, it isn’t by luck

There’s a team that’s working tirelessly, stop and take a look,

The old guys in the office, just like Zurich gnomes

Counting out the pennies in their second home

Making sure it tallies, we don’t need any more shocks

Adding all the takings, balancing against the stocks.

The committee do a grand job, although they look quite weird

They’re headed up by the chairman, the one with the dodgy beard.

His number two has ideas to paint the top bar red

And if you listen carefully you’d think you were in Birkenhead.

The building guy is O K, he builds, he mends, he snags

He’s also got a heart of gold, he buys up tired old nags.

The social guy books discos, singers, bands and others

And with his mate sat next to him looking like the Mitchell brothers

They also run a football team, who like to go out clubbing

Then turn out Sunday mornings and get another drubbing.

Our stock man buys tipples, lager, beer and whisky

Although his taste for red and white wine is said to be quite risky.

Our snooker man invites us, as a special treat

To bring a pal and play a frame in his penthouse suite

The the bingo numbers guy who sells the Lucky 5

He dreams of wearing dresses, it makes him feel alive


                                John Hindmarch Chairman



RBL Snooker report

This year’s Snooker season has reached its half way point, and it has been a disappointing first half with only two wins out of 11 games all the rest resulting in a loss usually 4-1. Due to some of our most seasoned players being unable to play due to work commitments.

January brings the second half of the season into play which hopefully should bring some better results with the handicappers being kind to us and handing out well deserved handicaps to players who should never have been of scratch, or would be more suited to playing in a higher division.


1st Half results follow



Legion.                        1          Woodseats  No2          4

Cuball Underdogs      0          Legion.                        5



Legion.                        1          Back Club 88  4

St Mary’s No 2            4          Legion.                        1

Legion.                        1          Allied No 5     4

Crookes S.C.   3          Legion.                        2



Legion.                        1          Hartley House.            4

Handsworth S.C.          4          Legion.            1

Legion.            1          St Mary’s No 1 4



Sheffield Deaf. 2          Legion.            3

Legion.            2          Hillsborough Club.       3


As you can not good reading with only managing 19 points out of a possible 55


Following are a few statistics from the 1st half



High Points

Highest Winning score:-

  1. Pearson. (67)

Highest Break:-

Paul Pearson.                          (31)

Highest Winning Margin:-

  1. Crozier. (46)

Most Wins to Date:-

  1. Brammah. / J. Hastings (4)

Most Consecutive wins:-

  1. Crozier. (3)



January’s Fixtures Follow:-

16th Woodseats No 2.             Away

23rd Cue Ball Underdogs.      Home

30th Back Club 88.                 Away


The Snooker team can be followed on the Web at

Legion.                        1          Woodseats  No2          4

Cuball Underdogs      0          Legion.                        5

New Plaques


Two new plaques have been donated  to add to our collection one belongs to the Royal Tank Regiment Association (Scarborough 1RTR Branch). Donated by Chris Clayton. The second The Light Dragoons donated by Steve Cooper.

Bonus Ball


Since the “Bonus Ball” was started in the Club in January 2002 a few interesting facts and figures have emerged.

The number that has been the Bonus Ball the most is 8 which has been the lucky number on 30 Saturdays, followed by 38 (26 times) then 11 & 37 (25 times). Least popular numbers are 13 & 41 they have only been drawn out 9 times since 2002. Number 9 has not been drawn our since 5th July 2014.


Full list of Numbers and Frequency


Note this list only applied to the Bonus Ball drawn on Saturday nights.

1 = 16 2 = 12 3 = 22 4 = 20 5 = 15
6 = 16 7 = 9 8 = 30 9 = 16 10=22
11=25 12=15 13=9 14=20 15=21
16=14 17=18 18=19 19=14 20=17
21=18 22=16 23=17 24=17 25=16
26=15 27=24 28=19 29=15 30=14
31=23 32=13 33=18 34=13 35=21
36=24 37=25 38=26 39=16 40=14
41=9 42=16 43=16 44=11 45=19
46=16 47=10 48=16 49=15 50=5
51=1 52=6 53=5 54=2 55=2
56=2 57=5 58=2 59=1




Amount Drunk in 2018


Carling              30687 pints and 7437 half’s

Sovereign         15154 pints and 1495 half’s

O B B                 10536 pints and 1281 half’s

John Smiths       8340 pints and 1443 half’s

Wards                 8112 pints and  860 half’s

Moretti               4806 pints and 1507 half’s

Strongbow         3678 pints and 1327 half’s

Moonshine      12820 pints and 1240 half’s

Coors Light        5641 pints and 2450 half’s

Guest Beers       8851 pints and 1098 half’s

Whisky                                          1105 shots

Gin                                                 2308 shots

Premium Gins                            * 6049 shots

Vodka                                            1807 shots

Rum                                                 253 shots

Bacardi                                          1179 shots

Brandy                                             811 shots

Bottles of wine (large)                            347

Bottle of wine (small)                           2931

Glasses of wine                                      2234

Cocktails                                                      47

Shots                                                          165

Coffee                                             2005 cups

Crisps                                         4412 packets

Dry Roasted Nuts                       529 packets

Salted Nuts                                  760 packets

Mini Cheddars                             700 packets

Pork Puffs                                    424 packets

Pork Scratching                          819 packets

Last but not least pork pies                  4213

*Premium Gin sales up by                   162%


What’s the definition of an accountant?


Someone who solves a problem you didn’t know you had in a way you don’t understand.

Picture from the Achieves



The Secretary on holiday in Timbuktu (note the spelling is in French, but Timbuktu was a French colony).

December 2008.


New from the Bar


Some new beers and some old favourite’s to look forward to in January.

Yorkshire Farmer                             4.0%ABV

Deception                                         4.1%ABV

Rear Window                                4.2%ABV

Eagle Eye I P A                              5.0%ABV

*Belgian Blue                                 4.9% ABV

Keep an eye on the bar for when they become available, also keep an eye out for special “Premium” gins once they are gone they won’t be re ordered. Special now available “Bulldog”

*Belgian Blue will be available all the time until the end of January 2019.

During 2018 we had 96 different Guest Beers from 12 different breweries.


Senior Moments



Since the Cuban Missile Crisis in October 1962, every U S President has been accompanied by an armed military officer carrying an impenetrable titanium briefcase known as the “nuclear football.” This briefcase contains the codes needed to launch a missile strike. The president also carries an “authenticator I D” that must be used in conjunction with the codes – unless. Of course, he’s forgotten where he put it.

President Jimmy Carter did. He left it in the pocket of one of his suite, which was then sent to the dry cleaners.



It is with regret that during December the following member: –

Mr P D Barraclough

We will remember him.






July 2018

As we move into July with the sun streaming down and England qualifying for the knock-out stages of the World Cup there is definitely a feel good vibe at the moment, long may it last. We will be continuing with the special offer of 20p per pint off normal prices during the England matches which hopefully will carry on until the final on the 15th July. That would make one hell of a weekend in the Legion as the previous day, the 14th July, is the annual Beer, BBQ and Music Festival. This year the “Leejfest” promises to be bigger and better than ever. As previously, the carpark will host the stage and gracing the stage this year is a combination of old favourites and new faces on the line-up. Once again we welcome Graham Lindley, who not only entertains but assists with the stage set up, and Lucy Milburn fresh from her journey to the semi-finals of The Voice. Appearing for the first time will be vocalists Lisa Jayne West and Tyler Sheilds with the curtain being brought down by The Tin Soldiers, a brass band with a difference. The carpark will also host the Pimms, Prosecco and Gin bar along with the ice cream outlet, the garage forecourt will host the kids entertainment including Bouncy Castle, Bucking Bronco and various games while the patio area will host the BBQ and outdoor bar. The homemade cakes and scones will once more be available inside the club with tea and coffee also on the menu. This event has been really taken off but it does take a lot of hard work from the team, if anyone would like to join the team and could spare a few hours they would be most welcome, we already have volunteers who do a great job just ask a committee member about joining them.




The football team held their annual “Race Night” on the 16th of June and it was a well attended event.

An enjoyable evening was had by all that came and nearly £400.00 was raised for the team. This will go a long way towards paying all the fee for next season.

It isn’t cheap running a football team, what with pitch fees, county affiliation, league affiliation, and referees among other things that have to be paid for.

The lads would like to thank everyone that came and supported them, not just on the night bur over the course of their promotion winning season.

The winners of all the awards are listed below along with the winners of the Tri-Cast and Auction Race.

Clubman of the Year –                 Dale Shaw

Golden Boot    –                  Ashley Burbeary

Managers Player      –            Joe Wadsworth

Players Player of the Year –     Ben Palmer

Tri-Cast Winner (£100.00)   –  Mick Martin

Auction Race Winners (£100.00) – John Hindmarch/Nick Lane/Mick Martin

Dave Adams.


Mystery Trip


The third mystery trip of 2018 turned out to be Skegness.

Unfortunately 4 people were unable to go due to illness. Those that did go had hot and sunny weather for all the day and when the weather is like that there is no better place than by the sea all had a wonderful day.

At the time of going to press there were still 18 seats available for the next trip on Thursday 26th July.


Race Trip to Beverly




Anyone who has put their name down for this trip needs to pay now so the tickets can be booked.

You can either pay John Hindmarch  or the Club Secretary.


Messingham Sands 2nd match June 14th.

26 anglers turned up for this match to be greeted with winds of 25 m.p.h. plus.

This made the conditions for those with exposed pegs very difficult. Some of the more favoured approaches had to be abandoned with most using “Bomb & Pellet”. Considering the conditions the weights were very good.

1st Jason Phipps                           83lbs 2oz

2nd Dave Weightman                   64lbs 3oz

3rd Dave Renshaw                      63lbs 15oz

Guess the weight                      Mick Bailey

Lou Anginotti

Fishing Section News


Match 3–Portland Waters, Kingfisher & Buzzard – June 10th

Match 3 at Portland waters can only be described as a catalogue of disasters and a match that is probably best forgotten. A week before the match was due to take place we were notified by the venue that the lake we should be fishing was closed and that we would have to fish on 2 x separate lakes instead. Not ideal I pointed out to the bailiff but there was little chance of me being able to secure another venue big enough in a week! Add to this the fact that he had known for 9 months that the lake was closed only added insult to injury.

We pressed on with the match and tried to make the best of a bad situation. Inevitably though one lake (Kingfisher) fished considerably better than the other (Buzzard) with all of the top 4 weights coming from Kingfisher. It was a bit like trying to play a football match on two different pitches at the same time!

Then to cap it all off both sets of our state of the art, Reuben Heaton Digital scales decided to give up the ghost half way through the weigh in – what a nightmare!!!

Now that my rant is over I would like to say a great big thankyou to all of our fishing section members for their perseverance and understanding of a situation that was out of our control and for overcoming a difficult set of circumstances on the day. Well done all.

Next match will be on 22nd July at BirkwoodFarm Fisheries on Emily’s Lake (I hope!!!!!)



1st  Vin Rollinson                      58lb 09oz

2nd Dean Woodhead                49lb 14oz

3rd  John Priestly                      47lb07oz

4th Richard Newton                 44lb 15oz

Congratulations to the top 4.


And congratulations to Gary Bailey who went home £125.00 better off after winning the golden peg rollover pot from peg 3 on, you’ve guessed it, Kingfisher Lake.


Richard Newton

Picture from the Archives


Picture taken on Southport pier, date unknown.

Identified so far: – Extreme left George Taylor, next to him Brain Gail, man in flat cap is Brain Gail’s father, man carrying his jacket is Harold Greaves, man on extreme right is Pat Carpenter (Secretary 1970 till 1978)


News from the Bar

Some new beers and some old favourite’s tolook forward to in July: –

Crystal Gold                                    4.2%ABV

Atomic Blonde                                4.3%ABV

Lemondrop I P A                             5.0%ABV

Kelham Island                                4.0%ABV

Steel Cow                                         4.5%ABV

World Cup                                     4.2%ABV

Keep an eye on the bar for when they become available.


National Arboretum


It is proposed to run a trip to the National Arboretum on Sunday 5th August, price £14.00 per person.

If you are interested please put your name and number of people on the list on the notice board.

If you require an electric buggy please contact either the Secretary or Mr K Barton.


Congratulations to Janina (Bar Staff) and Peter O’Toole who celebrate their Silver Wedding on 31st July



It is with regret that during the month of June we lost the following member.

Mr J Grey

We will remember him.


June 2018


June is with us already and hopefully the start of a long hot summer, peaking on the 14th July our Beer and BBQ Festival. For those of you who follow us on Facebook you will be aware of this years line up, as it was announced throughout the week, but for others it is featured on page 4.

If the “Leegfest” is as successful as our recent LEGIN event then we will be in for a treat as it was a massive success. The feedback we’ve received over the event has been amazing and I’m sure we will do it again in the future. A big thanks to the girls who made it happen, Angela Lane, Sharon Martin, Paige Smith and Elleanor Lane, you did a great job.A big well done is also owed to our Bar Manager Tom and his team of angels behind the bar’ they worked like Trojans to keep the glasses filled, a real team effort. Our next big event is the Ladies Cheese and Wine Party on Wednesday the 27th June and the list of names is on the wall in the foyer, you’ll rarely spend a better £8.00.

Later in the year we will be running our annual trip to Beverley Races, Bank Holiday Sunday 26th August. This years meeting incorporates a cheese festival so your guess is as good as mine to what that entails but it does seem popular. At the time of going to press there are over 65 names on the list and we are limited to 71 places so please act fast to avoid disappointment. All monies should be paid before the end of June, any unpaid will be made available again to anyone who missed out.

Fishing Section News



Match 2 – Alders, Oaks Lakes


The fishing section headed off to North Yorkshire and the Oaks Lakes complex in Sessay, Thirsk on Sunday 13th May. Travelling up the A1 the weather was a little inclement, but this soon cleared to give way to a reasonably sunny day. After knocking back a full English and a cuppa the 20 anglers headed to their chosen pegs for the days competition.


Dave Beddoe was in with a chance of a £100 bonus if he managed to catch 25lb after drawing Golden Peg 26. Easy we all thought!!


The all in was called and 6 hours of what can only be described as challenging angling commenced. Carp were few and many targeted the resident silver fish to try and build a winning weight but not all were successful in catching and there were one or two who failed to weigh at all.


The end of the match was called and the weigh in showed how difficult a day it had been with many low weights but well done to all those who fished for a valiant attempt.




1st Dean Woodhead                36lb 08oz


2nd Andy Cottam                     24lb 13oz


3rd Dave Beddoe                     23lb 13oz


4th Lou Anginotti                     21lb 11oz


Congratulations to the top 4.

Golden Peg of £100.00 was not won therefore it rolls over to next match on Sunday 10th June on Old Wood, Portland Waters.


Richard Newton


Messingham Sands

Thursday the 24th May saw the first Messingham Sands match take place.

26 anglers turned up knowing it could be hard going. The fish had just finished spawning and the previous day had been   a “Fish Mania Day” which no doubt meant tons of bait had been thrown in.

However everyone caught and 8 anglers had over 40lbs


1st Lou Anginotti                           101lbs 0onz


2nd Mick Bailey                               69lbs 0onz


3rd Richard Newton                      63lbs 14onz


Lou Anginotti.


The young son of the house ran into the room where his mother was sitting and said, “Come at once there’s a man in the kitchen kissing the au pair girl.”

As his mother rose to look into the matter she cried out gleefully.

“April Fool, it’s only father!”

Mystery Trip


The second mystery trip of 2018 turned out to be Scarborough.

All who had booked (47) turned up and the weather was warm, with the sun trying to get out when they set of.

After an hour’s stop in Beverly it was on to Scarborough. On Arrival the sea mist was just beginning to lift and although not scorching hot the sun did put in an appearance.


Inhabitants of the town are known as “Scarborians”, or as “Algerinos” by the people of Whitby.

The origin of this nickname is thought to come from a ship called the Algerino which sunk off the bay of Scarborough; the local at Scarborough refused to assist a ship in peril and fishermen took a more dangerous route in a lifeboat from Whitby, to the coast of Ravenscar, in a successful effort to save sailors from the Algerino.

In an attempt to rid the town of the embarrassing story associated with the nickname, some inhabitants proposed that Algerino was a promiscuous individual of Italian descent who is supposed to have lain with many Scarborough females whilst their partners were at war.


At the time of going to press there were still 14 seats available for the next trip on Thursday 28th June, tickets available from either Mr K Barton or the Secretary.

Ladies Cheese & Wine


The “Ladies Cheese & Wine” is scheduled for Wednesday 27th June.

This is dependent on enough ladies putting their names on the list on the noticeboard.

We need at least 50 names to make the night worthwhile, at the time of going to press there were only 35 names on the list, a decision will be made on 16th  June  on to  whether or not it will take place when the notice will be taken down.


Senior Moments


On his eightieth birthday, writer Somerset Maugham spoke at a dinner held in his honour in London.

“There are many virtues in growing old” he began, but then stopped and stared down at the table. The pause grew into a long, awkward silence.

Maugham looked absently around the room, shifting from foot to foot, glancing helplessly at his notes. Finally, he cleared his throat and explained.

“I’m just trying to think what they are.”

Picture from the Archives


Management Committee for 1978: –

Standing Left to Right Mr J Hattersley, Mr B Mailer, Mr A West, Mr P Thompson, Mr R Waller, MR M Walker, Mr E Goddard, Mr C Cle and Mr A Brailsford.

Seated Left to Right Mr B Hague, Mr P Carpenter, Mr W Hible, Mr J Duff and Mr D Lewis


News from the Bar

Some new beers and some old favourites to look forward to in June: –

Full Moon                                            4.2%ABV

Deception                                          4.5% ABV

England’s Dreaming                         4.5%ABV

Farmers Blonde                                4.0%ABV

Farmers Sixer                                   6.0%ABV

Keep an eye on the bar for when they become available.

Congratulations to Tom and the Bar Staff as the Club came second in the “Club of the Year” according to “Beer Matters” the Campaign for Real Ale’s official guide to Real Ale in Pubs and Clubs.



Beer Festival


On Saturday 14th July 2018 the RBL will be holding it’s annual “Beer, Bar-B-Q, Music” festival.

Preparation and planning are proceeding nicely, acts that have confirmed they will be performing include: –

Tin Soldiers

Lisa Jayne Walker

Lucy Milburn

Tyler Sheilds

G Lindley

A Stunning Line-up.

The “Beer Festival” does involve a lot of hard work on the day for the Bar Staff and Committee members and their families, so if any members are willing to help out on the day please see the Secretary or any committee member even a couple of hours will help.

Raffle tickets for the “Beer Fest” raffle are available from the bar.


It is with regret that during the month of May we lost the following Members: –

Mr G Edwards

Mr V Gartland

We will remember them


May 2018


As you will have noticed we have made the inevitable price increase on all drinks with most going up by 5p. Compared with our local competitors, many who have increased by as much as 20p, this is quite small. We will have to monitor the situation as our overheads have rocketed with the increase in minimum wage rates, workplace pensions and soaring utility bills but we will endeavour to remain competetive and resist further increases. We are hoping to make up the difference with inreased membership and visitors by trying new experiences such as our forthcoming Gin tasting event and our annual Beer and BBQ (Leejfest). I do hope you come along and support the events and if you have any suggestions of your own we are always happy to hear the physically possible ones.

Last months news of increased pork pie prices due to packaging costs were somewhat premature as the launch of POLAR FOIL has been delayed until April 1st 2019. The Percy Turner prize pork-pies remain 85p.

Congratulations Sylvia Hinchliffe, wife of long standing member and ex committee member Alan, on winning the jackpot on our Chase the Ace, a marvellous £2000. We hope you enjoy your fortune and spoil yourselves rotten, couldn’t have happened to a nicer couple. Our new Chase the Ace will be starting next week with a very healthy looking jackpot of £1,565.00. As Sylvia will tell you, it’s well worth a flutter.

Mystery Trip


The first mystery trip of 2018 turned out to be Newcastle.

All the seats were sold (a first for the first trip of the season) unfortunately on the day a few people got stuck by an accident on the motorway and could not get to the club on time, they did at least ring and explain the situation.

The bus was also delayed by the accident on the motorway but turned up eventually and all set of on what was not very promising day weather wise day.

On arrival in Newcastle the sun put in an appearance and stayed out for most of the day. All who went said they found plenty to do in Newcastle and enjoyed the day.

At the time of going to press there were still 18 seats available for the next trip (Thursday 31st May).

Snooker Report

RBL Snooker report

April with only 2 games left to play  brought the current Snooker season to an end with the first game a 3-2 loss away against Crookes Social Club, and then the final game was against the League leaders

Spot On no 2 at home, which however the result finished would make no difference to League position weather it was a 5-0 win or lose, the match started with our first player Jack Sutton on first to their best player and receiving a 24 point start, where he managed a splendid win 91 to 76, the next 4 frames did not fare so well with the team managing  only 1 point.


Following are some team statistics.

Highest Winning Score, J. Sutton 91

Highest Break, P. Pearson 20

Highest Winning Margin, J. Crozier 55

Most Winning Matches, P. Pearson 13



April Results Follow


4h April

Crookes S.C. (Away)

  1. Brady. (54) v J. Crozier.(8) (61)
  2. Shaw. (41) v R. Brammah. (43)
  3. Shaw. (54) v J. Hastings.(4) (41)
  4. Pilling. (4) (62) v P. Pearson. (36)
  5. Grant. (4) (54) v G. Portman. (4) (25)



11th April

Spot On No 2 (Home).

  1. Sutton. (91) v M. Burridge. (24) (76)
  2. Brammah. (35) v J. Smith. (16) (72)
  3. Crozier. (8) (12) v C. Farrar. (48)
  4. Capel. (36) v C. Coates. (4) (56)
  5. Pearson. (24) v J. Marren. (8) (58)


Senior Moment


For the performance of Puccini’s opera Turandot, the Rome Opera designed a set with a little stream and a small Chinese bridge that crossed over it. On one side of the stream was Carlos Gasparini the tenor playing Prince Calaf, and on the other side the soprano who played Princess Turandot.

When she cried “Mio nome e Amore” (“My Name Is love”), he was supposed to run across the bridge and embrace her, but he forgot and tried to leap across the stream instead, tripped and fell in.

Fishing Section News



And there off!!! Sunday 15th April and the fishing section headed for the waters of Sykehouse Fishery in Doncaster. After a hearty breakfast the draw for pegs was done and the 24 anglers headed for the complexes Twin Isles lake.


The all in was called and battle commenced but after the first couple of hours we began to question if there were any fish to be caught as all the field struggled. Perseverance prevailed for some as changes in tactics saw a few quality fish begin to be landed, with one carp of 10lb 02oz for Daz Woodhead.


Method feeder, pellet waggler or a combination of the two were the order of the day with those who adopted these approaches scoring best.




1st Lou Anginotti                          30lb 05oz

2nd Brad Croft                                25lb 13oz

3rdVin Rollinson                              24lb 0oz

4th Steve Bates                              22lb 01oz


Congratulations to the top 4.


Golden peg of £75.00 was not won therefore it rolls over to next match on Sunday 13th May on Alders at Oaks Lakes in North Yorkshire.


Richard Newyon

Football Report


It’s been a highly successful season for the football team as they have won promotion to the Premier League for the first time in their history. Victories this month over Colley, Cobden View, Southey Social and Woodhouse Village have seen the team achieve their best ever league position since they were formed in 2010, and with 2 games to go there is still an outside chance of the team winning the league, a remarkable turnaround when you take into account that only 4 years ago they finished second bottom of Division 2 with only 2 wins from 20 games!! Since the 2013/14 season though the team have made progress every year, the following season saw them finish a respectable 5th, and with other teams dropping out of the league this was enough to secure promotion to Division 1 where everyone expected them to come straight back down, however 7 wins and 4 draws was enough to secure the team another season in division 1. The team continued to build and evolve and the following season in the league they flirted with promotion before falling away, however the story of this season was an epic run in the Junior Cup which saw the team go all the way to final at Parkgate, and despite losing the final the lads had shown that on their day they were a match for anyone.


This season the team has really kicked on, with quality players in every position and a great team spirit the lads went on a fantastic run, starting the season in early September it wasn’t until the end of March that the team finally lost a league game which was a run of 14 games unbeaten.

Overall this season the team has taken 46 points from a possible 60, winning 14 games, drawing 4 and losing only 2.


Finally a massive thanks to everyone that has come and supported the lads over the season or shown an interest in how we are getting on, the team really appreciates all the support we have received over the years but this season especially its been fantastic to see so many of you turn out to support us, hopefully next season we will see even more of you!

Picture from the Archives



Mrs Vera Lunn in happier times. Vera has been a loyal supporter of the Club for more years than most members can remember, Vera’s health has not been too good lately and she can’t get down to the Club anymore but she still takes a keen interest in the Club.

News from the Bar

Some new beers and some old favourites to look forward to in May:

Get Thi’sen Outdoorz                       4.0%ABV

Absolution                                         5.3%ABV

Kaldo                                                    5.5%ABV

Platinum Blonde                                4.0%ABV

Pulawski                                             5.0%ABV

Keep an eye on the bar for when they become available.


Piano Tuner. ”Good morning, sir, I’ve come to tune your piano.

Mr Smith. “But I Didn’t ask for a piano tuner.”

Piano tuner. “I know, sir, but your neighbour did.”


Legion Gin Night

On Sunday 27th May (A Bank Holiday) the Legion will be holding a “Gin Night”, open to all members.

Price £20.00 per person for this you get 5 glasses of gin (plus tonic) and nibbles. For more details please see the noticeboard.

People who have put their names down are reminded that they need to pay before Sunday 6th May


Beer Festival




On Saturday 14th July 2018 the RBL will be holding it’s annual “Beer, Bar-B-Q, Music” festival.

Preparation and planning are proceeding nicely, acts that have confirmed they will be performing include: –

Tin Soldiers

Lisa Jane Walker

Lucy Milburn

L & S Productions

G Lindley

The “Beer Festival” does involve a lot of hard work on the day for the Bar Staff and Committee members and their families, so if any members are willing to help out on the day please see the Secretary or any committee member even a couple of hours will help.

April 2018

Welcome to spring. As I write this we are preparing ourselves for the return of  the Beast from the East, not what you want at Easter when we should be skipping through the daffodils looking for Easter Eggs. All this because of Global Warming?

That reminds me, talking of the cold weather, we have been informed by The Food Hygiene Authority that we can no longer store food unwrapped at room temperature and all items must be individually wrapped in a temperature control material. This unfortunately will have an impact on costs and we will have to raise the price of our pork pies to £1.25 each as they will be wrapped in Polar Foil as per new legislation.

Anyone who attended the AGM will be aware that due to rising costs and the increase in the minimum wage and pension contributions price rises are inevitable. We are, at the moment, absorbing the increased costs until they have been finalised but please prepare for the change.

At the afore mentioned meeting we announced there were no new members elected to the committee and we lost two members due to family commitments. Lee Hiner had served with us for 8 years while Shaun Byrne has completed 2 years in his second spell serving. I’d like to thank both for their time, work and support during their terms with us.




Some friction has occurred about watching sport on the televisions.

The rule is that the majority have the say in which channel is on the big screen in the main area of the Club.

Remember we have two other televisions in the Club, one in the top Bar and one in the Snooker Room all can receive Sky and B T programmes.



The football team only had two games in March with mixed results.

The Legion at long last ended the Sportsman’s unbeaten record.

Division One leaders Norton Sportsman suffered their first ever league after a 36 match unbeaten run as Joe Long scored the winning for a second place Chapeltown RBL, leaving them as the League’s only unbeaten team this season.

Chapeltown RBL now trail by just three points and have two games in hand over Sportsman.

Jack Waymouth gave Norton the lead when he got the all-important decisive touch after a scramble, but Legion were on level terms when former Civil Sports B striker Joe Phillips rose highest to meet Niall Smith left wing cross and power a header home. Smith had a hand in the winner too, laying ball off to Joe Long who riffled home a twenty-yard effort into the top corner. Sportsman pushed for an equaliser but Legion custodian Ben Palmer ensured his side would celebrate the win with a series of sensational saves when the visitors found a way through.


The League’s last unbeaten record fell as Ranch came from behind to beat Chapeltown RBL 3-2.

A Ryan Robinson free kick from halfway deceived the keeper to put the RBL in front, but another keeper error allowed. Ranch started the second half well and Tom Burns added their third with a header and although Kris Heald pulled one back for the RBL, Ranch held on to end the visitors record.


Dave Adams.

Beer Festival



On Saturday 14th July 2018 the RBL will be holding it’s annual “Beer, Bar-B-Q, Music” festival.

Has you can probably realise this involves a lot of hard work by the committee and their wife’s.

On the day of the event the committee (and their wife’s) are at full stretch running the various stalls, collecting glasses and generally keeping the event on track.

If any member can spare a few hours on the day any help would be very much appreciated. If you can help please see any committee member or the Secretary and let them know what hours you can do.

Tinsel & Turkey

tinsel turkey


Members who have put their names down for the “Tinsel & Turkey” Christmas trip to Corton are reminded that the deposit must be paid by 30th April 2018.

Anyone interested in the trip there are still 13 places left. For further information please see Mr K Barton or the Secretary.

Snooker Report

RBL Snooker report

After January & February’s results of being mostly 3-2 wins, March saw the first game being a bye which means no points scored, the second game was the game postponed due to adverse weather conditions (Snow) against Sheffield Transport who have managed to secure the services of some ‘A’ Division players, the night started badly with the first game lost 28 to 61  the second was much closer  at 53 – 63 the third game saw our player John Hastings playing the referee of the world snooker final 2014 Brendan Moore, which after a close game and an unfortunate shot on the blue saw Brendan win the third game, leaving Paul Pearson to play forth with 3 point down against their highest handicapped player receiving a 32 point start, which Paul managed a win against leaving the last game going against us the make a 4-1 win for transport. The next game saw a 4-1 win against Spot On no 4, and the last game this month was at home to Sheffield Deaf, who bring a large following with them unfortunately this resulted in a 3-2 win for them.



March Results Follow


7th March



14h March

Sheffield Transport (Home).

(Postponed Match from 28th Feb)

  1. Crozier. (8) (28) v D. Hewitt.(4) (61)
  2. Brammah. (53) v D. Ford. (16)(63)
  3. Hastings. (4) (43) v B. Moore.(20) (57)
  4. Pearson. (64) v M. Wilkinson.(32) (56)
  5. Portman. (4) (31) v D. Webster. (8) (67)


21st March

Spot On No4. (Away)

  1. Grant. (60) v J. Crozier. (8) (40)
  2. Barber. (12) (57) v R. Brammah. (70)
  3. Sancho. (33) v J. Hastings. (4) (60)
  4. Smith. (43) v P. Pearson. (50)
  5. Gott. (37) v G.Portman. (4) (54)



12th March

Sheffield Deaf (Home).

  1. Hastings. (4) (41) v C. Grant. (47)
  2. Crozier. (8) (42) v D. Ryan. (4) (55)
  3. Brammah. (49) v P. Wood. (4) (41)
  4. Pearson. (31) v S. Nell. (58)
  5. Portman. (4) (47) v R. Holden. (27)



The Snooker team can be followed on the Web at


The Americans quickly proved that the Moon was uninhabited as one of the first things they did when they landed was to dig a hole.

Since no one came to stand around and watch they knew that no one lived there.

Picture from the Archives


Standards at the Remembrance Parade 2017. Struggling with the wind

News from the Bar

Some new beers and some old favourites to look forward to in April –

Blanco Blonde                                   4.2% ABV

Full Moon                                          4.2%ABV

Farmers Blonde                               4.0% ABV

Deception                                          4.1%ABV

Steel Cow                                           4.5%ABV

Plumb Bitter                                      4.4%ABV

Keep an eye on the bar for when they become available.

Legion Gin Night

On Sunday 27th May (A Bank Holiday) the Legion will be holding a “Gin Night”, open to all members.

Price £20.00 for this you get 5 glasses of gin (plus tonic) and nibbles. For more details see the noticeboard.

Inappropriate Behaviour


In the last few weeks certain members have been making unpleasant, derogatory, insulting and in one case threatening the Bar Staff with physical violence.

This type of behaviour will not be tolerated in this club. If it persists any member or guest of a member found guilty of this type of behaviour will be brought before the Management Committee to explain his/her actions and disciplinary actions may be taken. Members are reminded that if they have any complaints about any of the Bar Staff in the first instance they should see the Bar Manager or the Secretary or any Committee Member. If they are not satisfied with the outcome the complaint should be put in writing and addressed to the Management Committee and it will be dealt with at the next Management Meeting.


It is with regret that during the month of March we lost the following members.

Mr G Bailey

Mr T Wilkinson

We will remember them.


March 2018        


March is a big month in the Legion Calendar with a few big dates to note. One such date, which is still to be confirmed, is The Clubs AGM. We have, as this newsletter is being produced, just received our annual accounts back from our accountants and will issuing copies asap for your perusal. We need to give 14 days notice before we can call the AGM so the sooner we get the accounts out the better. I am hoping for another good turnout.

Another big date for the diary is Tuesday 13th which will be the day the chancellor delivers his spring statement, or simply, we’ll find out how much he’s putting beer up, if at all. I can tell you that there has been some price increases already, made by the breweries, which we are absorbing until the chancellor has his say, but barring a decrease in the budget, price increases seem inevitable.

As reported in the last newsletter, Lucy Milburn is making her mark on ITV’s The Voice. Last weekend she featured on the programme as they went through the Battle Stages. Lucy duly won her battle against a talented singer in the shape of Simon Davies and looks to be growing in confidence, making winning the competition possible but appearing at our beer festival highly unlikely. Cest la vie.

9 Scientific Reasons Why Beer is Good For You


Contrary to what you might expect, moderate beer consumption is actually good for you. Science has shown that beer can bring many surprising health benefits alongside the better-known perks of bringing out your best dance moves and your worst chat up lines.

1 It keeps your heart healthy. Research has found that moderate beer drinkers have a 42% lower risk of heart disease compared to non-drinkers.

2 It can make you live longer. Virgina Tech researchers found regular, moderate beer drinkers were 19% less likely to die during a given time period than people who never touch a drop.

3 It can get your creative juices flowing. According to the journal Consciousness and Cognition, a pint or two of beer can boost your creativity.

4 It can protect you from Alzheimer’s. short-term memory loss during consumption aside, a recent study found Xanthohumol a compound in hops, is able to protect the brain from degenerative disorders, such as Alzheimer’s and Parkin’s

5 It can give you stronger bones. A 2000 study concluded that the elevated levels of silicon in beer can contribute to higher bone density.

6 It has fewer calories than skimmed milk or orange juice. Guinness released statistics showing that its heavy stout is lower in calories than both orange juice and skimmed milk.

7 It can prevent type 2 diabetes. Dutch researchers analysed 38,000 males and found that when men who weren’t big drinkers began drinking moderately over 4 years, they were significantly less likely to be diagnosed with type 2 diabetes.

8 It can help you to recover after a workout. According to a Spanish study, a post-workout pint could be more effective than bottled water. Researchers asked students to exercise until their body temperature reached 104 degrees and then had them rehydrate with beer or water. As it turned out. People who had a beer post- workout pint were slightly more hydrated than those who had water.

9 It can help with stress and anxiety. Moderate alcohol consumption can reduce stress and anxiety, known contributors of heart disease, according to the Mayo Clinic, alcohol reduces the risk of dying of a heart attack and possibly reduce risk of strokes.

Easter Raffle


The Easter Raffle is now up and running. Tickets are £0.10 each (£0.50 per strip) and on sale from the bar.

Remember all profits from this raffle go to the Club.  

Pie Pea & Presentation Night


Wednesday 21st February was the night for the Presentation of awards and certificates to members who helped during the “Poppy Appeal”.

As usual before the presentations there was the Pie & Peas (meat and potato pie) to be eaten. Once the food was out of the way the Poppy Organiser Mr D Rennison made a start on the presentations.


15 Year Award: –

Mr Ken Barton


10 Year award: –

Ms Maxine Webb

Ms Joanne Hutchinson

Mr Jim Webster

Mr Cecil Kirk

Mr Tom Flynn

Mr Peter Capel


Certificate of Appreciation: –  

Lloyds TSB

Coit Primary School

Red Lion Grenoside (Top Red)

Tankersley Service Station

Nisa Supermarket High Green

Firth Park WMC

C W Fletcher


Branch Certificate: –

Mr Joe Norcliffe

Mr Mike Gethin


After the presentation of the awards Mr Rennison gave a breakdown of how the £43,610.13 (up by 0.8% on the year before) raised for the 2016/2017 Poppy Appeal was made up. This consists of money collected at static points, money from Poppy Boxes left in shops pubs etc., money from the Poppy raffle, money from the sponsored walk, money donated and various other sources.

He thanked all who had helped with the Poppy Appeal and reminded everyone that help is always required at the time of the Poppy Appeal.

Old £10.00 notes



Just a reminder that the old style £10.00 notes ceased to be legal tender on 1st March 2018. Therefore the Club will not be accepting the old notes. Old notes can still be exchanged at any bank.



For eleven years Duncan had put up with the fat interfering old lady. Now he could stand it no longer.

“She’s got to go,” he said to his wife. ”I can’t stand your mother another minute!”

“My mother!” exclaimed Duncan’s wife. “I thought she was your mother!!”


Picture from the Archives


The club as it was after it was built in 1928

News from the Bar

Some new beers and some old favourites to look forward to in March: –

Irish Dexter                                         4.1%ABV

Yorkshire Farmer                               4.0%ABV

Absolution                                             5.3%ABV

Farmers Pale Ale                              5.0%ABV

Double Trouble                                4.5%ABV

Farmers Steel Cow                          4.5%ABV

Keep an eye on the bar for when they become available.  “Moretti” now on draught at £3.20 per pint.

Also available are a few more Gins to try at £2.80 per 35ml.

Members are requested to bring their glasses back to the bar when they are empty, this helps the bar staff and keeps the tables clear.

1918 -2018


Now on sale at the bar are the official 1918-2018 Poppy lapel pin badges.

Also on sale are 2 “WW 1 Centenary” lapel badges, one in white and one in bronze, all at £2.00 each.

Mystery Trip


Bookings for the first mystery trip for 2018 will start on Thursday 29th March 2018 at 21.00 on a first come first served basis.

Cost this year will be £14.00 per person.

The first trip will be on Thursday 26th April 2018



Obituary: –

It is with regret that during the month of February we lost the following member.

Mr E Duke

We will remember him.



February 2018

February seems a very slow news month and it left me trawling through the internet for anything of interest to waffle on about. Whilst searching  for notable events of the two major conflicts, to no avail, I stumbled across a story which had previously passed me by. This occurred well before either of the world wars, in 1797. The last invasion of Britain is often thought to be the Norman Conquest in 1066 however this was the last successful invasion. On February 18th 1797 some 1400 troops set off from France, under the leadership of Colonel William Tate, heading for Bristol, the second largest city, with orders to destoy the city before marching on to Chester then Liverpool. Tate’s “army” was mainly made up of a ragtag mix of drunks and recently released jailbirds due to the elite French army being deployed by Napoleon Bonaparte conquering Europe. Severe winds made the original destination impossible so they changed course to Cardigan Bay. On 22nd February they sailed into Fishguard Bay where they were met by cannon fire. Unbeknown to the hapless French this was just a warning signal but the invaders strategically moved on and landed at Llanwnda in south west Wales. A “successful” looting party discovered a recent cache of rum recently rescued from a stricken Portugese ship and spent the next two days “refreshing”. Local militia were deployed to confront the drunken enemy, watched from the cliff tops by hundreds of local women in their traditional costume of scarlet tunics and tall black hats. Colonel Tate later chronicled that they were defeated by the British due to the number of troops present where in fact there were no troops and it is thought the womens traditional dress was confused for British Army Redcoats. One local woman, cobblers wife Jemima Nicholas, on hearing of the invasion set off armed with a pitchfork and singlehandedly confronted and captured 12 French invaders and marched them to the local church where she locked them up until the militia arrived. Who needs the men of Harlech?

Talking of formidable Women, I hope you managed to catch the performance of Lucy Milburn on ITV’s The Voice. I’m sure many of you will remember Lucy who first appeared in the club as a 13 year old at our first open mic night. She has since become a regular here and has featured on the bill of our last 2 beer festivals.Her performance won her a place in Tom Jones’s team and I’m sure you’ll join me in wishing her well in future rounds.

Football Report


It’s been another good month in the league for the football team, although we did suffer our first defeat of the season in the League Cup, going down 4-3 to Premier League team Wadsley Bridge Pheasant, the winner coming 7 minutes into injury time.

The boys picked themselves up the following week though, playing an Oughtibridge team that were previously unbeaten, RBL beat them 3-0 with goals from Niall Smith, Joe Long & Joe Wadsworth. This result catapulted the team up the league from 4th to 2nd.

Unfortunately the week after the game v top of the League Norton Sportsman fell foul to the weather.

On 28th January we faced Norton Oaks B who we had already beaten in the League Cup earlier in the season, in an amazing game that saw 12 goals we ran out 7-5 winners!! Hat tricks for Niall Smith & Jed Phillips plus a trademark free kick from skipper Danny Cardwell ensured we remain unbeaten and right in the hunt for promotion to the Premier League.

All the upcoming fixtures can now be found on the notice board

Div. 1                          P W D L  For Ag Pts         FOR AG PTS
Norton Sportsman     10 7 3 0    51  18   24 51 18 24
Chapeltown RBL        9  7  2 0   39   20  23 39 20 23
Ought bridge WM       9  6  2  1  54   18  20 54 18 20
Woodhouse Village    10 6 2  2  35   20  20 35 20 20
Southey Social            8  6  0  2  27  14  18 27 14 18
Cobden View              10 5  1  2  26  21  16 26 21 16
Ranch                          11 4  2 5  26  25  14 26 25 14
Cotts FC                       9  4  1 4   21 15  13 21 15 13
Brinsworth Phoenix      13 3 3  7  40  39  12 40 39 12
Norton Oaks B             10  2 3 5  15   25  9 15 25 9
Colley                           13  2 0 11 23  87  6 23 87 6
Civil Sports B                12  0 1 11  14  69 1 14 69 1


Pie Peas and Presentation Night


On Wednesday 21st February there will be the annual presentation night for members who have helped during the Poppy Appeal.

This event is open to all members, if you require Pie & Peas the cost is £4.50 per person to be paid for before 14th February.



Adults are people who have stopped growing at the ends but have started growing in the middle.

Tinsel & Turkey


It is proposed to run a “Tinsel & Turkey”, with “Coopers Travel” to the Warner’s holiday resort at Corton.

Corton is on the Suffolk coast between Great Yarmouth and Lowestoft, no ferry crossing involved.

Dates 10th to 14th December 2018.

Price £299.00 per person.

Deposit £50.00 per person to be paid before 28th February 2018.

Limited to 98 places (66 already booked).

What’s included: –

Bed Breakfast and evening meal.

Entertainment every night.

2 Day Excursions.

Free Bar (after 18.00).

Anyone interested please see either Mr K Barton or the Club Secretary for more details.



1918 -2018




Now on sale at the bar are the official 1918-2018 Poppy lapel pin badges.

Also on sale are 2 “WW 1 Centenary” lapel badges, one in white and one in bronze, all at £2.00 each.






Staff Night Out


On Tuesday 9th January the staff had a night for a belated Christmas celebration.

Unfortunately they picked the worst night of the winter (so far) to have a night out.

It snowed and with typical panic about road condition they had severe problems getting back from Sheffield, once back in the Club still more problems getting home bur eventually all made it home safe and sound. In spite of all the problems all enjoyed the night and are extremely grateful to all members who put money in the collecting boxes on the bar for the staff’s night out.

Thanks must also go to John Hindmarch and Nick Lane who maned the bar for the night, granted they had very little to do as the weather put most people off from turning out but they still kept the bar open for those brave souls who did venture out.


Exam Question (English)


Question: – Use the word” judicious” in a sentence to illustrate its meaning


Answer: – I am using “judicious” in this sentence to illustrate its meaning.


Picture from the Archives


Easter Bonnet Parade 2000.

Left to Right: –

Mr J B Wroe, Mr N Lane, Mr D Stenton, Mr D Rousell, Mr G Woolhouse and Mr S King.


News from the Bar

Some new beers and some old favourites to look forward to in February: –

Farmers Blonde                                 4.0%ABV

Winter Pale Ale                                 4.5%ABV

Absolution                                          5.3%ABV

Riders of the Storm                           4.5%ABV

Keep an eye on the bar for when they become available. Coming soon “Moretti” on draught at £3.20 per pint. Unfortunately Stella will be discontinued when current stocks run out.

Also available are a few more Gins to try at £2.80 per 35ml.



An apology is due to Mr Woolhouse for the incorrect spelling of his name in the

January edition of the Club News, this was due to a malfunction in the primary input device.

Christmas Raffle


The Christmas Raffle was drawn on Wednesday 27th December and there are still a number of prizes that have not been claimed.

A full list of the winning numbers is on the noticeboard, the list on the left is the order of the draw and the one on the right is in numerical order for ease of checking.

Any prize not claimed by Monday 26th of February will be disposed of by the Committee as they see fit.


Cuthbert’s wife made him a millionaire.

Before he married her he was a multi-millionaire.


It is with regret that during the month of January we lost the following members: –

Mr E Wildgoose

Mr G Chadwick

We will remember them.

January 2018

Happy New Year

Sorry for the slight delay in getting this News Letter out but at the end of the year there is a lot of paper work that has to be done.

The Christmas period is a very busy time for the Club and last year was no exception. It started with the Children’s party on the 9th December when 81 children turned up to be entertained, Andy the Clown did a magnificent job of keeping  most of them quite and under control until it was time for Father Christmas to make an appearance. Once Father Christmas arrived the noise level increased significantly, but eventually everyone got to see Father Christmas and receive there gift. The look on some of the children’s faces who really believed they had seen Father Christmas was a memory that will last for a long time. So a big thank you to Father Christmas ( Nick Lane) and his two elves little and large (Dave Parr and Dave Rousell) for doing the job also a big thank you to Joe Norcliffe who did Father Christmases chair.

The next event, on Sunday 17th December was the Christmas Concert with Chapeltown Silver Prize Band. They again put on a very professional performance and even managed to sell a few CDs.

Tuesday 19th December was the lunch time Christmas Buffet this always goes down well and again thanks must go to all the people who helped with the preparation of the food and especially to Geoff Woolhouse’s wife Dorothy who did all of the cooking.

Finally thanks must go to the staff who were very busy over the Christmas period but managed to get everyone server with a smile and good humour.

Last but not least thanks to the cleaners who are nor seen by the vast majority of members but never the less do a vital job of keeping the Club clean, comfortable and hygienic for members.

Snooker Report

RBL Snooker report

December drew the Snooker league to the mid-season break with all teams having played each other both home and away. This seasons season began on the 13th of September at home to Hillsborough Club at home resulting in a 5-0 win, which place the snooker team at the top of the league, the second game was a 3-2 win which still left the club at the top of the league, the third game was a bye which saw the competing teams managing to overtake us and causing our team to drop into 3rd position, where we remained after the fourth week, the fifth week we played Sheffield Deaf and won 3-2 raising the team up to 2nd position, the next two games were not too good only resulting in one point each but still we remained in second position. At this point we had played all the teams and now we had to play them all again but at opposite venue’s, so we began the second quarter against Hillsborough at their club which resulted in another 5-0 win. the against Sheffield Transport at home with a 4-1 win, the following game was a  3-2 win then a 2-3 loss and finally the last game before the mid-season break was a 3-2 win leaving the team in second position where we have been most of the season.


Following are a few statistics from the 1st half

High Points

Highest Winning score:-

John Crozier.   (71)

Highest Break:-

Not Claimed.

Highest Winning Margin:-

Richard Brammah.  (44)

Most Wins to Date:-

  1. P. Pearson / G. Portman.  (6)

Most Consecutive wins:-

Paul Pearson.  (4)



January’s Fixtures Follow:-

3rd Hillsborough No 2. Home

10th Transport No 2 Away

17th Bye

24th Spot On No 4 Home


The Snooker team can be followed on the Web at


Senior Moments


During a 1996 meeting of county commissioners, the controller in Reading, Pennsylvania, complained that her computer hadn’t worked in two years, and she had been forced to use a typewriter for all her letters and memos.

She probably would have had grounds for some legal action had it not been for the discovery soon after that she had forgotten to plug her computer in.


In 1997 Pasco Bocconinini snatched the equivalent of $4500.00 from a post office in Cariato, Italy.

But when he raced outside to jump into his getaway car, the car was gone.

It seems he had forgotten to turn of the engine and the car had been stolen.

He was still standing in front of the post office when the police arrived.

Bonus Ball


Since the Bonus Ball was started in the Club in January 2002 a few interesting facts and figures have emerged.

The number that has been the Bonus Ball the most is 8 which has been the lucky number on 29 Saturdays, followed by 37 (25 times) then 11 (24 times). Least popular number is 13 it has only been drawn out 7 times since 2002. Number 32 has not been drawn our since 12th April 2014 and poor old 56 has never been drawn out (the extra 10 numbers were only added in 2016).


Full list of Numbers and Frequency


Note this list only applied to the Bonus Ball drawn on Saturday nights.


1 = 15 2 = 12 3 = 21 4 = 20 5 = 13
6 = 16 7 = 8 8 = 29 9 = 16 10=19
11=24 12=15 13=7 14=20 15=21
16=13 17=17 18=19 19=13 20=16
21=18 22=16 23=17 24=17 25=16
26=15 27=23 28=18 29=15 30=14
31=22 32=12 33=18 34=13 35=21
36=22 37=25 38=22 39=14 40=14
41=8 42=16 43=16 44=10 45=19
46=16 47=9 48=14 49=13 50=1
51=1 52=3 53=2 54=2 55=2
56=0 57=2 58=1 59=1

Amount Drunk in 2017

Carling – 29717 pints and 8588 half’s

Sovereign   –  17191 pints and 2206 half’s

O B B    –  13665 pints and 1408 half’s

John Smiths  –  8741 pints and 1246 half’s

Wards    – 10354 pints and 1033 half’s

Stella   –  3452 pints and 1210 half’s

Strongbow    –  3843 pints and 1607 half’s

Moonshine    – 14044 pints and 1871 half’s

Coors Light    –  2800 pints and 1671 half’s

Guest Beers   –  9407 pints and 1318 half’s

Whisky   –  2181 shots

Gin         – 2061 shots

Premium Gins –  2311 shots

Vodka     –  2024 shots

Rum       –  219 shots

Bacardi    – 1175 shots

Brandy   – 627 shots

Bottles of wine (large)   –  385

Bottle of wine (small)  –  3139

Glasses of wine    – 2168

Cocktails   –  147

Shots   –  217

Coffee   – 2517 cups

Crisps   –  4281 packets

Dry Roasted Nuts   –  538 packets

Salted Nuts  –  757 packets

Mini Cheddars   –  666 packets

Pork Puffs   –  428 packets

Pork Scratchings     – 954 packets

Last but not least pork pies    – 4213


A man was lost in a dense London fog and became very alarmed when he found himself walking down a slimy alley. Suddenly he heard footsteps approaching and sighed with relief.

Can you tell me where I am going? he asked anxiously.

A voice replied from the darkness

In to the river I’ve just come out.

Picture from the Archives


Chapeltown Silver Prize Band at the Remembrance Concert 2017

News from the Bar

Some new beers and some old favourites to look forward to in January: –

Belgian Blue   – 4.9%ABV

Two Magpies   -4.5%ABV

Iron & Steel Bitter  – 4.0%ABV

Unicorn    –  4.2%ABV

Black Sheep   –  3.8%ABV

Keep an eye on the bar for when they become available. Also available Moretti in large bottles (0.660ml 4.6% ABV) at £3.20 per bottle. Also available are a few more Gins to try at £2.80 per 35ml.

During 2017 we had 102 different Guest Beers from 12 different breweries.

Robert! shouted the editor of the local newspaper, Did you get that story about the man who sings bass and soprano at the same time?

There’s no story, sir, replied Robert, the young reporter. The man has two heads.

Christmas Raffle

The Christmas Raffle was drawn on Wednesday 27th December and there are still a number of prizes that have not been claimed.

A full list of the winning numbers is on the noticeboard, the list on the left is the order of the draw and the one on the right is in numerical order for ease of checking.

Any prize not claimed by Monday 26th of February will be disposed of by the Committee as they see fit.


Exam Question in Chemistry


What is a vacuum?


Answer; – something my mum says I should use more often.



It is with regret that during the month of December we lost the following members: –

Mr T Wilsdon

Mr D Claxton

We will remember them.

Dave Claxton served on the Management committee for a number of years and is well remembered for his painting, when Dave was painting if you stood still you got painted.


3rd Mick Hiner  89lbs 3oz

Lou Anginotti


It is with regret that during the month of June we lost the following member.

Mr J Drabble

We will remember him.


June 2017 

May I start this somewhat overdue newsletter by apologising for its late appearance, it is entirely my fault. I have no excuses other than complete writers block. I have been so entirely satisfied by how the club has been run, how the staff have performed and how the customers have behaved that I couldn’t find a thing to write about.

By the time you are reading this we will have come to a decision over who will be running the country for the next five years. Whichever party are successful they face added pressures following the recent events in Manchester and London and the certain knowledge there is an enemy within. With our police force stretched to capacity the government will have to utilise the men and women serving in Her Majesty’s Armed Forces to assist in the security of the nation, once more risking their lives for the protection of the British people of all faiths.

Fishing Section Match Report


The 2016 season kicked off at Redwood Park, York. Fishing the Arc lake 26 anglers competed in what was a challenging match in a real mixture of weather. Some struggled in this early season start but at least everyone managed to catch something.


1.      Lou Anginotti                   40lb 11oz

2.      Dave Beddoe                   33lb 11oz

3.      Russ Brunt                       26lb 4oz

4.      Daze Woodhead             16lb 5oz

Well done to the top 4.

Next match is at Oakland Waters Horseshoe Lake on Sunday 15th May.

Richard Newton

Messingham Sands

May 25th in scorching heat saw the first of five Messingham matches.

Twenty five anglers made the journey, only to find after the mini heatwave the fish were spawning like mad. Even so fifteen anglers caught over twenty pounds.

Unusually for this venue nearly all the big fish came from the margins.

1st Alan Forder                                   83lbs 6oz

2nd Dave Weightman                     70lbs 11oz

3rd Dave Beddoe                            62lbs 15oz

Lou Anginotti



The draw for the “Year’s Supply of Electricity”, run by Robinsons (they supply the Wards). Was drawn in the Clun on Sunday 21st May by Allison (Bar Staff). The winner was Mick Hanson. All that really meant was that his name would go forward to the grand draw.

The grand draw was held in Greasebrough Club on Monday 22nd May, the Bar Manager Mr Flynn (Tom) attended on behalf of the Club. When the winner was announced it was the Royal British Legion Club, unfortunately it was the Royal British Legion Club Penistone.

Mick did get a consolation prise of a case of beer.




Congratulations to Emma (Bar staff) Womersley who married Matt Pearson on Saturday 27th May at Ecclesfield Church, with the reception at Cubley Hall at Penistone.

Emma and Matt are currently honeymooning in St Lucia but Emma should be back with us sometime in June.

Beer- BBQ- & Music Festival


After the successes of last year’s festival the Club is going to hold another one this year. The date has now been set for Saturday 12th August.

There will be at least 8 hand pulled beers, 5 on the outside bar and 3 on the inside bar plus 1extra lager and 1 extra cider available on the day.

There will be beef burgers, hot dogs, chip butties and other foods available.

A free “Bouncy Castle” will be available to children and other games to keep them interested.

The music side is well advanced and we should soon have a full program of music.

Please note that the car park will not be in use on the day and can members please help by removing any cars left over night by 09.00 on the Saturday morning

Mystery Trip 


The second mystery trip of 2017 turned out to be Scarborough.


All who had booked turned up on what turned out to be the hottest day of the year so far. Some members were even brave enough to try a paddle in the sea.

Short History of Scarborough

The town was allegedly founded around 966 A D as Skarbaborgh by Thorgilis Skarthi, a Viking raider, though there is no archaeological evidence to support the claim.

In the 4th century there had briefly been a Roman signal station on Scarborough headland. There is some evidence of much earlier Stone Age and Bronze Age settlements. However, any new settlements were soon burned to the ground by a rival band of Vikings under Tostig Godwinson. The destruction and massacre meant that very little remained to be recorded in the Domesday survey of 1085.

Scarborough recovered under King Henry ll. Who built an Angevin stone castle on the headland, and granted the town charters in 1155 and 1163, permitting markets on the sands, and establishing rule by burgesses.

In the Middle Ages, Scarborough Fair, permitted in a royal charter of 1253, held a six-week trading festival attracting merchants from all over Europe. It ran from Assumption Day (15 August), until Michaelmas Day (29 September). The fair continued to be held for 500 years and is commemorated in the song Scarborough Fair.

Scarborough and its castle changed hands seven times between the Royalists and the Parliamentarians during the English Civil War of 1640.


At the time of going to press there were still 16 seats available for the next trip on Thursday 29th June.

Picture from the Archives


June 2012 crowds wating for the Olimpic Tourch to pas the Club.

News from the Bar

Some new beers and some old favourites to look forward to in June.


Ultra I P A                                            5.0%ABV

White Dragon                                     4.3%ABV

Hop To It                                            4.1%ABV

Shiny Sheff                                          4.0%ABV

Trooper                                                4.7%ABV

Farmers Blonde                                 4.0%ABV

Farmers Wimbledon                        4.5%ABV

Keep an eye on the bar for when they become available.

Also available eight Premium Gins: – Martin Miller, Brockmans, Tanqueray, Hendricks, Bombay Sapphire, Fifty Pound, Boodles and Rhubarb & Ginger, all at £2.60 per 35ml shot. Why not try a new tonic to go with the gin, Fever Tree with Elderflower, at £1.20 per bottle (same price as tonic).

Blasts from the Past: –

In June: –

1946 Opening Hours were increased to 12.30 to 13.30 and 20.30 to 22.00

1953 (Coronation Year) printed tickets to the value of 2/6d were issued to members valid from June 2nd to June 6th

1955 12 Chairs purchased at 37/6d each

1976 Land for car park bought from Y.E.B. at a cost of £1,500.00

1984 Enjoyable trip to Haydock in spite of leaving a member at Manchester

1985 Pork Pie night cost £19.20

1992 Club burgled total cost for damage caused £2,670.37

1995 Air Conditioning installed

2003 Club celebrates “Jubilee Day” with Decorated Floats, Bounce Castle, Committee in the stocks pelted with wet sponges, Guess who the Committee person is (all committee personnel supplied photos of themselves as a baby), Helium balloon race, Barbeque, Face painting, Slush puppies and many other events.

2004 All members of the Club that served in the armed forces during WWII take for a free lunch, free buffet at night.

2006 Door entry system installed.

2009 Club gets “Broadband”

2012 the Olympic Torch carried past the Club, large crowd witnessed the event.

2013 Baby changing faculties fitted in the disable toilet.



Doctor: -“I can’t find anything wrong with you, it must be the drink”.

Patient: -“Oh, I’ll come back when you are sober”.

May 2017

May is upon us and this month has some significant dates for us to remember.

On the 10th May 1940, the same day as Winston Churchill took over from Neville Chamberlain as Prime Minister of Great Britain, Germany invaded France, Belgium and Holland and Western Europe encountered Blitzkrieg, or the “lightning war”. The British Expeditionary Force, who were present, retreated in haste. 226,000 Allied and 110,000 French Troops were rescued from the French port town of Dunkirk in a makeshift fleet comprising of 800 vessels ranging from destroyers to pleasure boats. This took place over the period between 26th May and 4th June and over200 ships and boats were lost and an estimated 3,500 British were lost at sea. Over 40,000 British troops didn’t make it home and were to become Prisoners of War where they had to endure marches into Germany and used as slave labour in the mines and factories. We will remember them.

While on the subject of conflict, I would like to thank everyone who supported our “Fight Night” Featuring world champion Anthony Joshua. I realise it is not everyone’s cup of tea but we try to keep everyone happy and those who attended were treated to a memorable fight which got the crowd going Thanks to Tom and his team for keeping the drinks flowing and keeping open a little later. Everyone seemed to enjoy it and really got into the spirit and I noticed a couple of really good Rocky Balboa impressions on the night. Boys will be boys.


Tinsel & Turkey

tinsel   turkey

Monday 20th November to Friday 24th November 2017. The Club is running a “Tinsel & Turkey” trip to Warners Leisure Hotel at Norton Grange on the Isle Of Wight. Price £279.00 per person, £50.00 per person deposit.

What’s included: –

Coach transport to Isle of Wight & Ferry Crossings.

4 Nights half board (Bed, Breakfast and Evening Meal)

2 Excursions (Destination to be decided latter)

Free Bar 18.00 to 24.00

For more details contact Ken Barton (077 197 749 89) or the Club Secretary.


Beer- BBQ- & Music Festival

After the successes of last year’s festival the Club is going to hold another one this year. The date has now been set for Saturday 12th August. We would welcome any comments, criticisms or observation of any members who attended last year’s festival.

If any member or friend of a member has a small chest freezer they are not using and would be willing to sell it to the Club please contact the Secretary or any committee member.

Football Report 


The football season has ended and the team has endured its most successful season to date, although there will be a tinge of regret that they didn’t achieve more. For the second successive season they achieved their highest ever league finish, 7th place in a highly competitive Division 1 is not to he sniffed at, and if the team can gain some consistency next season there is every chance they can challenge for promotion.


The team saved their best performances for the Sheffield and Hallamshire Junior Challenge Cup, wins against teams from Barnsley, Worksop, Doncaster and Sheffield saw the lads reach their first ever cup final, and even though they lost out to Woodseats Club everyone associated with the club can be proud of the progress the club is making.


We hope to see even more people come and support us next season where our home games will once again be played at St Georges Park, High Green.

Dave Adams.


A man walked into the chemist. “Have you got something to keep my stomach in?” He asked.

The assistant went round the back and brought out a wheelbarrow.


Mystery Trip

The first mystery trip of 2017 turned out to be Shrewsbury.


All who had booked turned up the weather was not too good with a cold wind and a few light showers.

The next trip is on Thursday 25th May and at the time of going to press there were still 10 seats available.

Snooker Report

RBL Snooker report

The Fourth and final quarter of the Snooker league started in February, a little better than the 3rd segment with a 3-2 win, then 2 3-2 loses before a surge with the next two matches resulting in 4-1 wins then for the last game unfortunately going down with a 3-2 loss.

A few statistics for the end of the season, unfortunately John Hastings could not regain his form due to the handicap he received at midterm, but John Crozier’s winning streak continued with him winning all of his games, finishing the second half of the season winning thirteen out of fourteen games therefore making him the player of the season. 


The fourth quarter’s results follow. (Home Team First) (Figures in Bold Indicate Handicap)


22nd February

Crookes S.C. (Home).

J. Crozier.(49) v Dave. Deakin. (19)

P. Smith. (61) v Mick. Grant. (12) (43)

J. Hastings. (16) (38) v Chris. Shaw (59)

  1. Portman. (61) v Neil. Brady. (22)
  2. Pearson. (20) v Gavin. Barker. (69)


1st March

Allied No 5 (Away)

Johnny Bates.(4)(61) v R. Brammah.


John. Bates. (4) (27) v J. Crozier. (47)

  1. Broadhurst. (4) (63) v J. Hastings. (16) (10)
  2. Jackson. (37) v G. Portman. (66)
  3. Jackson. (28) (70) v P. Pearson. (48)

8th March

Hillsborough Club No 2 (Away).

  1. Jackson. (51) v J. Crozier. (57)
  2. Barker. (35) v R. Brammah. (23)
  3. Lingard. (45) v G. Portman. (25)
  4. Rawson. (4) (41) v S. Cutts. (8) (48)
  5. Dinnigan. (57) v K. Barton. (42)


22nd March

Sheffield Transport No 2 (Away)

  1. Crozier. (51) v D. Hewitt. (4) (41)
  2. Smith. (73) v A. Hibbard. (26)
  3. Portman. (51) v P. Fearn. (25)
  4. Hastings. (16) (50) v D. Holyer. (4) (49)
  5. Pearson. (33) v J. Maiden (57)


29th March

St Mary’s No 2 (Away)

  1. Whyke. (4) (48) v P. Smith. (54)
  2. Bunker. (47) v J. Crozier. (60)
  3. Rowbotham. (48) v R. Brammah. (51)
  4. Jarvis.(16) (68) v J. Hastings. (16) (42)
  5. Anderson.(8)(33) v P. Pearson. (59)


5th April

Spot On No 3 (Home).

  1. Smith. (44) v W. Barber. (8) (46)
  2. Crozier. (55) v C. Ruff. (35)
  3. Brammah. (41) v K. Hall. (67)
  4. Pearson. (57) v K. Richmond. (50)
  5. Hastings. (16)(43) v J. Smith. (8) (79)


15th April

Hartley House No 2 (Away)

  1. Jones. (32) v P. Smith. (43)
  2. Stuart. (4) (51) v J. Crozier. (52)
  3. Jones. (4) (75) v R. Brammah. (23)
  4. Jones. (62) v S. Cutts. (8) (21)
  5. Mollart. (69) v P. Pearson. (38)

Picture from the Archives


Lunch break for the short walkers at Slaidburn April 2007.

News from the Bar

Some new beers and some old favourites to look forward to in May.


White Lightning                               4.4%ABV

Hop To It                                           4.1%ABV

Farmers Blonde                               4.0%ABV

Farmers Crucible Ale                       4.1%ABV

Farmers Push Iron                           4.0%ABV

Hopton                                              4.3%ABV

Keep an eye on the bar for when they become available.

Also available Vimto cordial on draught.

Easter Raffle


The Easter Raffle was drawn on Sunday 16th April and there are still a few prizes that have not been claimed. A list of prizes is on the noticeboard.

Any prize not claimed by 14th May will be disposed of by the committee as they see fit.

Blasts From the Past: –

In May

1947 Proposed to buy corrugated sheets with a view to building a coal-place.

1948 All members given one pint of beer to toast the health of their Majesties on their Silver Wedding.

1949 The “Children’s Treat” fund stood at £16 2s 6d.

1953 Lady Visitors admitted to the large room at the discretion of the Committee.

1977 Planning permission granted for proposed extension.

1992 The pork sandwiches that “went down a treat” cost £66.00.

1966 17 people went on the trip to Delph.

2000 Alterations to the garden completed 2 oblong tables and 1 round table purchased.

2002 All-day opening on Friday’s and Saturday’s started with an extra hour added at Sunday lunch.

2004 Bottom patio re-laid by members of the Committee.

2004 All-Day opening started for Sunday’s.

2006 New rules adopted by the Club, so the Club as only one type of member, financial.


It is with regret that during the month of April we lost the following members: –

Mr M Kitching

Mr G Spellman

We will remember them.


April 2017

The Annual General meeting took place on Wednesday 15th March and a total of 50 people attended the meeting. The Chairman then opened the meeting and asked the Secretary to read out the names of those who had passed away since the last AGM. The Secretary then read out the minutes of the last AGM.

The main item on the agenda was the accounts which were read out by Mr Martin Ashworth of Ashworth Bail. He said that our profits were good in view of all the difficulties facing the licensed trade at this time and the competition we have from other local establishments. There were six positions required for the committee and only five names were put forward so all were elected and no voting required. Congratulations to Joe Hindmarch who has come back on and to a new member Dave Parr. The Chairman closed the meeting by thanking all the committee and bar staff for all their hard work throughout the year and a big thank you to all the loyal members for their loyal support during the year.

And now for the bad news. The committee have thought long and hard about increasing the price on beers and spirits unfortunately due to the increase buy our suppliers, the budget, electricity going up by 25% and the increase on the minimum wage we have had no option but to increase all draught beers and hand pulls by 5p. At the moment there will be no increase on spirits until the stock committee have looked into the figures to determine what increase there will be on spirts across the board. We have, however managed to keep the price increase down to a minimum through negotiation with our suppliers. On a good note we have one free year with no bank charges as this was part of the agreement with the Yorkshire bank when we moved over. 

 As you all well aware the up keep of the club is an ongoing thing and this year is no different. The building committee are looking in to having all the roofs to the club re done as parts of the roofs are in need of repair hence one of the reasons why we have had to put are prices up, and also we are looking into purchasing new curtains for the club. The other main area that the committee are looking into is the refurbishment of the clubs toilets as they are now looking a bit tired and need up dating, so we will keep you posted as things progress.

Last but not least I would like to say a big thank you to Dave Rousel for all his hard work and his commitment to the club it is second to none, thanks Dave. 


Mystery Trips


The first mystery trip for 2017 will be on Thursday 27th April 2017. Bookings have started and at the time of going to press their were still 11 seats available.  Price this year £13.50 (no increase) per person.

Beer- BBQ- & Music Festival



After the successes of last year’s festival the Club is going to hold another one this year. The date has now been set for Saturday 12th August. We would welcome any comments, criticisms or observation of any members who attended last year’s festival.

Easter Raffle


The Easter Raffle has started, £0.10 per go, tickets available from behind the bar. The draw will take place on Easter Sunday (16th April). Remember all profits from this raffle go to the Club.

Blasts From the Past: –


In April

1961 W Hible elected to Management Committee along with P Thompson.

1967 Club Profit for the year ending 31/12/1966 was £609-19s- 0d.

1967 K Jenkins elected to the Management Committee.

1972 permission granted to use the prefix “Royal”.

1979 Race trip to Beverly

1979 after 14 years as President W Hible decided not to seek re-election.

1980 £9,092.95 spent on Club alterations.

1986 Visit to “Clog” factory cancelled due to insufficient numbers.

1986 Club decorated at a cost of £1,500.00

1991 Beer went up by 5p per pint.

1998 Request for a Jukebox in the Snooker Room turned down.

1999 First ladies “Cheese & Wine” night, 20 expected 80 turned up.

2005 All day opening on Sunday’s started.

2005 Mr Bill Parker (a Club member) visited the Club with an update on how the money (£ 237.00) raised for the tsunami appeal was spent.

2007 After a recognisance for a walk in the Trough of Bowland it was decided that it was not suitable for a Club walk (ask D Rousell, G Woolhouse or D Stenton for details)

2008 A second hand pulled pump installed. Moonshine kept on as a hand pulled beer with the other pump to be used for “Guest Beers”.



On Thursday 16th March 2017, a rare event took place in the Club. The Quiz jackpot was won. So congratulations to team “All Bar One”.

We are not sure if the questions are getting easier or the participants getting smarter or was it just luck.

The quiz is not too serious and members are asked not to use mobile phones to get answers.



The “Royal Electrical & Mechanical Engineers” is the latest plaque to be donated to the Club. It was donated to the Club by Mr J Norcliffe. Joe did his national service in the R E M E from 1955 to 1957.

R E M E was formed on 1st October 1942. The new corps was made responsible for the repairing the technical equipment of all arms (with certain exceptions) of the British Army.

Such a major re-organisation was too complex to be carried out quickly and completely in the middle of a war, Phase 1 was implemented immediately with Phase 2 not implemented until 1948.



It was all about the cup this month with a place in the Sheffield and Hallamshire Junior Cup Final at stake. Local rivals Ecclesfield Players’ Lounge were the opponents in the semi-final.


The windy conditions made it difficult for both sides and the first half ended goalless. Andy Varns opened the scoring with a well executed overhead kick. EPL hit back straight away with a fine low strike. Both sides pressed but couldn’t get the ball in the net. EPL were then awarded a penalty 15 minutes from time after a needless handball by Ryan Robinson. However the EPL striker blazed the ball well over the bar. Into extra time and RBL nearly snatched victory, Brad Beaton’s wicked volley was somehow clawed out by the keeper, who reacted quick enough to save the rebound. Onto penalties and EPL went first, but Keeper Matt Ledwood, making his legion debut saved low to his right. Andy Varns stepped up and coolly sent the keeper the wrong way. Ledwood then made himself a fans favourite by saving the second penalty, only for the EPL keeper to save Brad Beatson’s well struck kick. EPL then scored before Gav Burbeary smashed his pen into the roof of the net. EPL then dragged a pen wide, leaving Gaz Bacon to step up and leave the keeper rooted to the spot and send RBL into the Cup Final!


The final is on April 9th at Parkgate FC’s ground in Rotherham with an 11am kick off. Tickets are £4 for adults and £2 for concessions and can be bought on the day. It would be great to see some of you there supporting the lads.


Dave Adams

Picture from the Archives


Easter bonnet parade 2004.

Left to right: – Mr B Wroe, Mr N Lane, Mr D Stenton, Mr D Rousell, Mr G Woolhouse and Mr S King.

News from the Bar


New beers and some old favourites to look forward to in April: –

Steelos                                              4.1%ABV

Forgemaster                                         4.8%ABV

Pale Rider                                               5.2%ABV

Farmers Brown Cow                         4.2%ABV

Farmers Blonde                                4.0%ABV

Farmers Plum Bitter                           4.4%ABV

No 7 English Pale Ale                       4.3%ABV

Keep an eye on the bar for when they become available.

New product now available Coors Light £2.85 per pint.

Members are reminded that only drinks bought at the bar are to be consumed in

the Club, this includes the outside patio areas.


1917 – 2017 Poppy Lapel Pins



Poppy lapel pins for 1917 – 2017 are now available from behind the bar or the club office, price £2.00 each.



Some new members have been getting letters from R B L Membership saying that they owe £3.00, they don’t. For some reason, best known to them, they have started to add an administration fee to new members. We have never charged an administration fee and are in the proses of having this fee removed from their data base. This may take time as wheels move very slowly at R B L Membership. We can only apologise for this error on their part but we will sort it out eventually.

D Rousell

Membership Secretary

What do you call a budgie run over by a lawn mower?

Shredded tweet.


March 2017

March is upon us and as usual we will be holding our Annual General Meeting. This year it will be held on Wednesday the 15th of March starting at 8.oopm and we would like to see as many members here as possible, remember this is your club and we are interested in what you have to say. We, as a committee, are elected by the members to represent the members so it would be good to get some feedback or suggestions (suggestions that are both socially acceptable and physically possible). Any matters you may want to be discussed in Any Other Business must be given in writing at least five days before the AGM. Following the AGM will be the elections of officers to the committee. This year we have 3 members standing for re-election with 6 places available so if you feel you would like to get involved with running the club, have the time and willing to make the effort, then please put your name on the notice board. We welcome new opinions and ideas.

       Wednesday the 8th March sees the Chancellors budget statement. This will play a big part in our pricing review, fingers crossed for a favourable budget, watch this space.

Mystery Trips


The first mystery trip for 2017 will be on Thursday 27th April 2017. Bookings will start on Thursday 30th March at 21.30 on a “First come First served” basis. Price this year £13.50 (no increase) per person.

“Beer- BBQ- & Music Festival”

singernews-bar       bbq

After the successes of last year’s festival the Club is going to hold another one this year the provisional date is Saturday 29th July. We would welcome any comments, criticisms or observation of any members who attended last year’s festival.

Easter Raffle


The Easter Raffle has started, £0.10 per go, tickets available from behind the bar. The draw will take place on Easter Sunday (16th April). Remember all profits from this raffle go to the Club.

Blasts from the Past

In March:-

1947 Ban on Visitors to be removed.

1947 Branch and Club separate

1953 The Club made a profit of £128.00

1964 John Smiths rose to 1/6d per pint.

1975 First fridge bought to keep bottled beers cool.

1977 Deeds for Car Park received – kept at Midland Bank (now H S B C)

1981 All beers go up by £0.05 per pint.

1989 138 people attended the Annual Diner & Dance they had a good night but were shocked at the beer being as much as a £1.00 per pint.

1990 Secretary gets a new desk (he’s still got it).

1992 Mr A West presented with a decanter and two glasses for 21 year’s service on the Committee.

1998 Bar to stay open until 16.00 on Fridays and Saturdays.

2001 The hedge at the side of the Club had to be removed because the roots were undermining the foundations,

2005 A large bottle of whisky (1 Gallon) donated by Mr Bill Parker, a Club Member, raffled off raised £237.00 for the Boxing Day tsunami appeal.

2008 Touch Screen Tills installed at a cost of £4,958.50.

2008 Small roof next to snooker room leaking repairs cost £2,643.75.

Pie, Peas & Presentation





Wednesday 15th February was the night for the annual presentation for work done for the “Poppy Appeal”.

After a hearty meal of “Meat and Potato Pie, Mushy Pear with Gravy”, it was time for the Branch Chairman Mr D Rennison to give us some facts and figures of how the £41,790.27 collected for the 2016 Poppy Appeal was raised. Once the facts and figures were digested it was time for the awards.

Awards were presented to: –

Mrs N Rice                                  25 Year Award

Mr & Mrs Stenton                  25 Year Award

Mr & Mrs Westby                   15 Year Award

Mrs B Parker                             15 Year Award

Mrs J Clark                                15 Year Award

Mrs L Howard                             5 Year Award

Certificate of Appreciation were presented to:

Foxhill School

Ecclesfield Comprehensive

Yewlands Academy

High Green Primary School

Greengate Lane Primary School

Morrisons at Ecclesfield

Lloyds Bank Group



Picture from the Archives


We think the photo is of a presentation of the plaque with “Binyons Words” on it. The plague was from the old British Legion Club in Ecclesfield and presented to the Club in the early 60,s.

Names we know are from left to right: – Phil Bailey, Pat Carpenter, Fletcher Lyngard & Wife, Brian Wildsmith & Wife, unknown, Peter Thompson, Jack Winterbottom, Ken Jenkins, Unknown.

Seated Mingha & Husband and Frank Hulley.



News from the Bar




New beers and some old favourites to look forward to in March: –

Lion Tamer                                            4.0%ABV

Full Moon                                            4.2%ABV

Blonde                                                     4.0%ABV

Pale Rider                                           5.2%ABV

Riders of the Storm                             4.5%ABV

Requiem                                              4.5%ABV

Conqueror                                         4.2%ABV

Farmers Blonde                                 4.0%ABV

Natural Gold                                       4.2%ABV

Irish Dexter                                         4.8%ABV

Keep an eye on the bar for when they become available.



Children & Football



A few members have asked about the Club’s rule on allowing children in when football is on the T V.

The rule is that: – Children are allowed to stay in the Club until the match is over, once the match is over they must leave the Club.

While there is some flexibility in the rule we would ask parents, who bring their children in to watch the football, not to abuse the rule.



1917 – 2017 Poppy Lapel Pins



Poppy lapel pins for 1917 – 2017 are now available from behind the bar or the club office, price £2.00 each.



February 2017

Well the festivities seem like a lifetime away and we all get back to the realities of normal life and, unfortunately, it is also the time of year when our wonderful beer suppliers give us good reasons why they are forced to increase the price of your amber nectar. Amongst this years more interesting excuses are, and I quote, “ unprecedented levels of business uncertainty following the Brexit and US Election votes” This is from one of our major suppliers who, amongst other products, supply Bulmers Strongbow which is manufactured in Hereford using apples grown in Hereford and pressed in Hereford since 1962. Who’d have thought Donald Trump would have made such an impact on Herefordshire businesses. As you can imagine, we are a doing our best to negotiate better deals for our members but increases seem highly likely, unless the chancellor comes to the rescue in the budget. Whatever the outcome we will stand the hit until after the budget and then keep the impact to the minimum.

Our stalwart, Joe Norcliffe, is finally calling it a day with visiting the sick or injured members and I’m sure you will join us in thanking him for all his sterling work and wishing him well for the future. He is not going to leave us all together and I’m sure he will be making sure cards are sent etc. so please make us aware of any member you know is ill or would appreciate a home or hospital visit, please let the secretary know, likewise with any funeral arrangements.

Bonus Ball


Since the “Bonus Ball” was started in the Club in January 2002 a few interesting facts and figures have emerged.

The number that has been the Bonus Ball the most is 8 which has been the lucky number on 27 Saturdays followed by 27  and 31 which has been out 22 times and 15,35 and 36 which all have all been out 21 times. Least popular numbers are 13 and 41 which have only been drawn out 7 times since 2002.

In 2016 the number that was the Bonus Ball the most was 42 and it came out 4 times during the year.

p.s. number 7 has not been out since 07/08/2010.


Full list of Numbers and Frequency


Note: –

This list only applies to the Bonus Ball drawn on a Saturday Night.


1 = 15 2 = 11 3 = 20 4 = 19 5 = 13
6 = 14 7 = 8 8 = 27 9 = 16 10=19
11=23 12=15 13=7 14=18 15=21
16=12 17=16 18=19 19=12 20=14
21=16 22=15 23=15 24=15 25=15
26=14 27=22 28=16 29=15 30=13
31=22 32=12 33=16 34=12 35=21
36=21 37=25 38=20 39=14 40=14
41=7 42=14 43=15 44=10 45=19
46=15 47=9 48=12 49=13 50=1
51=0 52=1 53=1 54=1 55=2
56=0 57=0 58=0 59=0

Christmas Raffle

There are still one or two raffle prizes left over from the Christmas Raffle. Any prize not claimed by 24th February will be disposed of by the committee as they see fit.

Staff on a Night Out


Tuesday January 17th was the night the staff had their annual get together for a meal and a night out. The more observant would have noticed two unfamiliar faces at the back of the bar. A big thank you to John and Sean for volunteering to man the bar so all the staff could have the night off and go out together.



The Club is open all day on Thursday’s. That if you want a go on the “Tote” tickets are available from the bar. It is drawn on Sunday lunch, you don’t have to be in-to-win and you could win £45.00. Finally don’t forget you can keep in touch by visiting our web site at

Blasts from the Past


In February: –


1946 The steward was instructed to keep the cellar warm by lighting the gas burner and making up all ventilators since several complaints had been received regarding the condition of the beer (it was too cold).

1949 Cigarettes still restricted to 10 per member per night.

1966 Diner at Hathersage Inn £1/0/0 per head.

1971 (Decimalisation) John Smiths and Stones £0.14 per pint.

1979 Dartboard erected

1984 Trip to Tetley’s Brewery.

1993 After a spate of break-ins (4) it was decided to make the old cloakroom (now the disable toilet) into a strong room by bricking up the window and fitting a steel door and bolting the safe to the floor.

1993 94 people attended the pantomime.

1996 Mr Mark Short starts as Bar Manager after 10 years without one.

2002 New central heating boiler fitted at a cost of £3,172.50.

2006 Race Night for St Luke’s raised £850.00



Slowly, very slowly, we are starting to sort out the membership problems. However there are some outstanding problems. If any member has still not got his/her 2017 membership card please see the Secretary, so we can attempt to sort it out.

Picture from the Archives


“Me and My Boy” taken at the Breast Cancer awareness charity night held in February 2005, the night raised £710.46. P.S. it’s rumoured that the bras were their own.

News from the Bar

New beers and some old favourites to look forward to in February: –

Riders of the Storm                            4.2%ABV

Natural Gold                                        4.2%ABV

Stainless                                               4.3%ABV

Drop Kick                                             4.0%ABV

Requiem                                             4.5%ABV

Brown Lion                                         3.9%ABV

Keep an eye on the bar for when they become available.

Now available “Hot Chocolate” £1.05 per cup.

Some facts and figures on bar sales over 2016: –

Carling            32,239 pints and 10,155 half’s

Sovereign        21,798 pints and 2,335 half’s

O B B                15,792 pints and 1,787 half’s

Wards              12,233 pints and 1,269 half’s

Stella                 3,741 pints and 1,174 half’s

Strongbow       3,925 pints and 2,231 half’s

Moonshine     18,275 pints and 2,151 half’s

Guest Beers      9,376 pints and 1,326 half’s

Whisky                                          3,876 shots

Gin                                                1,850 shots

Vodka                                           1,254 shots

Bacardi                                         1,392 shots

Brandy                                             756 shots

Rum                                               1,206 shots

Bottles of wine (small)                         3,336

Bottles of wine (large)                            302

Glasses of wine                                     2,840

Crisps                                        4,491 packets

Pork Scratchings                    1,100 packets

Salted Nuts                                 744 packets

Dry Roasted Nuts                      501 packets

Last but not least pork pies                4,528


Senior Moments


In 1984 the members of the Oxford Retired Professional People and other interested people were especially looking forward to a hearing guest speaker on the subject of “Old-Age and Absent-Mindedness, and Keeping Fit”.

Unfortunately, the speaker forgot to turn up.

“I wouldn’t say my husband was stupid – but when he went to a mind reader he got his money back.


January 2017

May I start the first newsletter of 2017 by wishing all our members and their families a very happy and prosperous new year. Once again Christmas is a thing of the past, all the months of planning, shopping, eating and drinking are gone in a flash.

One of the highlights of the club’s festive period was the childrens party which once again was a huge success. Many thanks to Joe Norcliffe for ensuring Santa arrived on time and in style, the look on the youngsters faces as he arrived in the club was priceless, a big well done to you. Thanks also to the volunteers who gave up their time to help decorate the club in time for the party, these comprised of committee members and their families and club stalwarts such as Brian and Hazel Hovey, thanks to you all.


While we are dishing out the thanks we must remember our cracking team behind the bar who worked tirelessly keeping the drinks flowing in the club whilst juggling their own festivities at home. Massive well done to Tom and the lovely ladies.

Now the first apology of the year, unfortunately the carpark barrier hasn’t been functioning over the holiday period as the cost of getting an engineer out over Christmas was prohibitive and the club coffers could be better spent elsewhere, this has now been rectified and I hope this did not cause you too much of a problem. If the carpark barrier is the biggest problem we face in 2017 then we are in for a Happy New Year.



Members and guests are reminded that if they bring children into the Club it is their responsibility to keep then under control. Children are welcome in the Club but we have limited facilities for stopping them from getting bored. So if you do bring children into the Club please keep an eye on them to see what they are doing.

Also members are reminded to watch their language when in the Club, swearing and bad language is not acceptable in the Club, remember there may be women or children in the Club and this can be upsetting to some people to hear people swearing or using bad language.



 Starting Sunday 8th January 2017 “Tote” tickets will be on sale from the bar. Price £1.00 per ticket, draw to take place Sunday lunch.  £45.00 to the winning ticket.

Picture from the Archives


The old committee/TV room prior to the 2000 refurbishment.

News from the Bar


New beers and some old favourites to look forward to in January: –

Belgian Blue                                       4.9%ABV

Blonde                                                  4.0%ABV

Brown Cow                                         4.2%ABV

Winter Pale Ale                                   4.5%ABV

Keep an eye on the bar for when they become available.

During 2016 we had 124 different Hand Pulled Beers (not including Moonshine) from 14 different local breweries.

Also something new to try for the more adventuress SHOTS at £1.50 per shot. Shots available, Fireball, Sours/Raspberry/Apple/Cherry After Shock/Citrus/Cinnamon/Spiced Berry.


Car Parking

Over the Christmas period there have been instances of members being blocked in in the car park by indiscriminate parking by other members.

With nearly 1000 members and a car park that will only hold around 30 cars it does not take a genius to realise that sometimes the car park is full. Will members using the car park bear this in mind and try to park sensibly.

Obituary: –

It is with regret that during the month of December we lost the following members.

Mr M Charles

Mr G Stringer

We will remember them.


December 2016

May I start the final newsletter of the year by wishing all our members and their loved ones a very merry Xmas and I hope you all have a wonderful 2017. Our Xmas celebrations kick off with children’s party on the 10th December and at the time of going to press there were 92 names on the list, proving just as popular as ever. I’m sure Santa will not let them down.

Talking of Santa, I hear he has received several letters from Legion members all requesting John Smiths back on the bar, after consideration we have agreed to try it’s popularity and monitor the situation before making it a fixture again. As an introductory offer we will be selling John Smiths Smooth at £2.50 per pint

It is important at this time of year to remember our wonderful bar staff, I think you will all agree what a marvellous job they do ( will that do Tom). Seriously though at this time of year they have to juggle their own family festivities around the busiest time of the year at the bar and all this is done in a warm and welcoming manner. Please show your appreciation in the “Tip Boxes” on the bar.

Finally at this busy period remember to carry your membership cards at all times as this will assist our doorman and prevent him from having to look up individuals in the club membership register thus causing delays to entry.

Letter from the Branch President









I would like to start by thanking all those who turned out for our Remembrance Parades both at Sussex Road and our Main Parade.

I would also like to thank all those who helped in running the day’s events.

Special appreciation to people and organisations who took part in the parades.

Our Guest of Honour, The Vice Lord Lieutenant: – Dr R J G Bloomer.OBE.

Chapeltown Silver Prize Band.

Cllr Kath Granger and Cllr Eldon Hanson

Rev Rich Stordy and his Curate Rev Rob Bridgewater.

The R A F Cadets.

The Scouts, Guides, Brownies, The Boys & Girls Brigade.

South Yorkshire Police.

Mr Joe Norcliffe: – the sound man.

The Standard Bearers Mr G Woolhouse & Mr D Rousel

And apologies to any person or organization I have missed out.

A Roebuck President



Birmingham Christmas Market

November 24th was the last mystery trip of 2016, although it was not a mystery as the destination was known, Birmingham. The reason for Birmingham was the Christmas Market this has proved to be popular in the past.

Unfortunately a few had to miss the trip due to illness or injury. The weather was kind, dry and reasonably warm for the time of year. All who went enjoyed the day, despite the hiccup on the pickup point for the return journey. This was due to road works and a very poorly signed diversions.



How many actually had a go on the ride we will never know.



Life Members


Life members Christmas gifts will be available from Monday 19th December. Remember you must have your membership card with you and it must be in date. To qualify as a life member you must be over 65 and been a member of this Club for at least 10 years, if in doubt please see the Club Secretary.


Picture from the Archives


Fishing presentation 1995.


News from the Bar


New beers and some old faithful’s to look forward to in December: –

Absolution                                           5.2%ABV

Ice Maiden                                         4.4%ABV

White Gold                                          4.2%ABV

Real Blonde                                        4.0%ABV

Yule Pride                                          4.2%ABV

Cracker                                                  4.1%ABV

Belgian Blue                                        4.9%ABV

Keep an eye on the bar for when they become available.

Don’t forget the Christmas cocktail selection, lists on the tables.


The Christmas Raffle has started (over 50 prizes to be won), £0.10 per ticket (£1.00) per book available from the bar. Draw will take place on Tuesday 27th December, remember all profits from the raffle go to the Club.

At the time of going to press there were still a few unclaimed prizes from the “Poppy” raffle, a list of the winning numbers is on the notice board, if making a claim please make sure you have the right colour as well as the right number.


Remembrance at Sussex Road


Photo show the three standards that were paraded for the service held at Sussex Road on Saturday 12th November. The Standards, left to right, The Royal British Legion Standard, The Yorkshire Regiment Standard and the Union Flag. This short service was well attended and seams to get bigger each year. This year the weather cooperated it was both dry, not too cold and with very little wind.


It is with regret that during the month of November we lost the following member.

Mr L Fathers

We will remember him.



November 2016

October has now flown, culminating in a magnificent turnout for the Halloween party which saw over 50 entrants in the fancy dress competitions. A big thank you to all who made the effort and also to the members of the committee and their partners who helped make it possible.


See our Gallery for more photo’s of the day.img-1


Now into November we start the serious business of the Poppy appeal and any help with collections would be appreciated. If you can spare a few hours please see a member of the branch committee which you will find listed below.

Results of the recent election of branch officials:-

President                Mr A Roebuck

Chairman                Mr D Rennison

Vice-chairman        Mr G Woolhouse

Secretary                Mr W Edwards

Treasurer                Mr K Barton

Poppy Organiser   Mr D Rennison

Standard Bearer    Mr G Woolhouse

We wish them well in their endeavours to beat last year’s total of £48,828.49


Mystery Trip            

The seventh mystery trip turned out to be Durham.




Two had to drop out due to illness but the seats were soon sold so there was only one empty seat on the bus. The weather was dry but cloudy at the start of the day but as it wore on it got better and eventually the sun did shine. This was the last of the Thursday mystery trips for 2016 but there is still one more trip to go. It’s not a mystery as the destination is known, Birmingham. The reason for Birmingham is the Christmas Market which has proved to be very popular in the past. At the time of going to press there were still 10 seats left.


Picture from the Archives



Branch Officials July 1928 outside the old Club premises.

Seated: –

Mr L Ellison (Treasurer), J Wright (Secretary), Mr R Lawrence (Vice President) and Mr S H Schofield (President)

Standing: –

Mr J G Copley, Mr J Stewart, Mr F W Wills, Mr G Harrison, Mr G Hopley, Mr E Woodward and Mr R Rudkin


News from the Bar



New beers and some old faithful’s to look forward to in November: –

Red Oak                                               4.5%ABV

Black Sheep                                        3.8%ABV

Japanese Citrus Pale                          4.5%ABV

Fright Night                                        4.0%ABV

Rocket Fuel                                         4.3%ABV

Keep an eye on the bar for when they become available.



Starting 3rd October will be the “Poppy Raffle”. £0.10per ticket, tickets on sale at the bar, remember all profits from the raffle go to the poppy Appeal.

Also on sale at the bar are the 1916 – 2016 lapel pins, price £2.00 each.(Sorry sold out)


Keep in Touch

You can now keep up-to date by visiting the Club’s web site at  Anyone who would like to contribute to the site please contact either Mick Martin or the Club Secretary.



It is with regret that during the month of October we lost the following member: –

Mr A Bould

We will remember him.



October 2016

I can’t believe we are into October already, and I must apologise for being so far into October before the newsletter is published, entirely my fault. The next 3 months are probably the busiest and most important months of the year. October marks the start of the poppy appeal with poppies going on sale along poppy raffle tickets (available at the bar) and I wish our intrepid sellers every success.

Later in the month, Sunday 30th to be exact, will be our children’s Halloween party and prizes will be given for the best fancy dress efforts. Please see notice on the board and put children’s names and ages down accordingly.

Notable dates for your diaries are, Saturday 12th November Memorial Service at Sussex Road. Sunday 13th November Remembrance Day Parade and Service. 10th December Children’s Xmas Party (watch notice board for list), Sunday 18th December Chapeltown Prize Brass Band. Tuesday 20th December Xmas Buffet. Wed 21st December Carol Singers. Thursday 22nd December Xmas Quiz. Boxing Day Disco and Karaoke. Tuesday 27th December Xmas Raffle Draw.

Since these dates were arranged, Sky Sports have rearranged the fixtures and have kindly moved the Birmingham V Sheffield Wednesday match to an evening kick off on Boxing Day, previously unheard of. No Decision has been made as yet but we will do our best to satisfy singers and footy fans alike.

Watch this Space.


On Sunday 18th September 39 members had a day out in Whitby. The weather was very kind with sunshine all day, so everyone found plenty to do and all had a very enjoyable day out.

Christmas Tinsel & Turkey

Members going on the Christmas “Tinsel & Turkey” trip are reminded that it must be paid for before 17th October.

Picture from the Archives


Walkers on the 2005 sponsored Poppy Walk taking a short break.


What’s on Over Christmas?

10th December Children’s Christmas Party

20th December Lunchtime Buffet

21st December Carol Singers

22nd December Christmas Quiz

18th December Chapeltown Silver Prize Band

26th December Karaoke

27th December Raffle Draw


News from the Bar


New beers and some old faithful’s to look forward to in October: –

High Cup                                             4.4%ABV

Epic I P A                                             5.0%ABV

Autumn Amber                                   4.0%ABV

Struggling Monkey                             4.5%ABV

Keep an eye on the bar for when they become available.

New Product to try “Peroni (5.1 ABV)” at £2.50 per 330ml bottle.


Eaden Camp

On 11th September 13 Club members visited Eaden Camp to attend the Armed Forces Day parade. Roy Wilkinson and Harry Garlick attended the parade for many years, both now have passed away.

On our arrival at the camp we made our way over to one of the memorials and laid wreaths form the Prince of Wales Own, the Fellowship and the Royal British Legion.

Antony Roebuck (the Club President) lowered the standard along with two standards of the Royal Signals, with Keith Moxon of the Royal Signals reading Binyons Words.

It was a perfect day to remember the two former Club members.

We will remember them all.


From left to right: –

Mr W Edwards, Mr C Kirk, Mr A Roebuck, Mr R Taylor and Mr J Norcliffe.

Poppy Raffle


Starting 3rd October will be the “Poppy Raffle”. £0.10per ticket, tickets on sale at the bar, remember all profits from the raffle go to the poppy Appeal.

Also on sale at the bar are the 1916 – 2016 lapel pins, price £2.00 each.

As usual during the Poppy Appeal helpers are always needed, so if you can spare a couple of hours contact D Rennison, G Woolhouse or the Secretary and they will sort out how you can help.